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segrigation and racism- APex

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Q: What problems did returning African Americans soldiers face after world war 1?
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What problems did returning African American soldiers face after the war?

Lynching and kkk violence

What problems African Americans soldiers faced after world war 1?

segrigation and racism- APex

What problems did returning African-American soldiers face after World War 1?

Racial violence and segregation - Apex

How were African American soldiers differ from white soldiers?

african americans can dance the white soldiers can not dance

What problem did returning African American soldiers face after world war 1?

African American soldiers faced the following problems after returning home from World War I: - Jim Crow laws - Wage discrimination - Racial Violence - Segregation - Lynching - Klan violence

What problem did returning African-American soldiers face after World War 1?

African American soldiers/veterans faced racism, lynchings, and the Klan after returning from duty in WWI.

How did african-Americans help out in World War 1?

some African Americans were soldiers in ww1.

What discrimination did African-Americans soldiers face?

African Americans couldn't socialize with other troops.

The union accepts African Americans as soldiers?


What race related problems existed for African Americans soldiers who served in the Vietnam war?

That African American men were dying for the country but still treated as second-class citizens.

What country was founded as a refuge for African Americans returning to Africa?


What is the nickname some Native Americans called African American soldiers?

Buffalo Soldiers.

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