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Q: What was carrier service aircraft unit 14 in WW II?
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What is casu f 14 det a us navy in world war 2?

Combat Air Service Unit 14, Detachment A. The Navy loved initials and acronyms, which in this case was confusing. There were CASUs, and CASU-Fs. A CASU was a Carrier Air Service Unit, but the addition of the "-F" to the designation meant a Combat Air Service Unit. Both types of units did the same type of work to the same aircraft, but I believe a CASU-F was intended for deployment to a shore-based naval airfield or air station in a combat zone. There was a CASU-F group number 14, according to the document linked below under "related links", but where it was deployed I do not find. A carrier aircraft service unit or a combat air service unit was a group of Navy officers and enlisted men who were assigned to a Naval air station or airfield. They comprise aviation machinist mates, ordnancemen, metal smiths, electricians, hospital corpsmen, cooks,bakers and seamen. They were not assigned to a sqaudron. The squadrons came to them. They are usually fighter, scout bomber or torpedo squadrons. Thus, the name carrier aircraft service unit, (as these were the three types of Navy carrier airplanes of WWII), or combat air service unit, where these planes are in action.

How much do US Aircraft carriers cost?

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier costs about $4.5 billion to make. The Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier cost would cost about $14 billion including research and development costs.

Is the F-14 aircraft still used today?

No, they are all out of service.

What is the name of the aircraft that is a commercial aircraft and flies double the speed of sound?

You are propably looking for the Concorde or the Tupolev Tu-14. It should be noted, however, that none of these aircraft are in service today. Further, there are currently no supersonic aircraft in commercial service.

What is f-14?

F-14 is the designation given to the carrier based aircraft operated by the United States Navy which is used as an air to air fighter jet.

What is F(14)?

F-14 is the designation given to the carrier based aircraft operated by the United States Navy which is used as an air to air fighter jet.

How did the F-14 tomcat take off?

The F-14 can take off from a conventional land based runway or from the deck of an aircraft carrier utilizing the ship's catapult system.

What kind of planes are on a Nuclear Aircraft Carrier?

Air Craft Carrier squadrons usually fly six different aircraft. F/A-18 Hornets F-14 Tomcats SH-60 Seahawks S-3B Vikings E-2C Hawkeyes EA-6B Prowlers

What military awards and decorations has the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise CVN-65 received?

As of 7-14-11 The USS Enterprise CVAN/CVN-65 has received the: Combat Action Ribbon 5 awards Joint Service Meritorious Service Award Navy Unit Commendation 4 awards Meritorious Unit Citation 4 awards Navy 'E' Awards 3 awards (since there has been a ribbon) Navy Expeditionary 2 awards National Defense 3 awards Armed Forces Expeditionary 16 awards Vietnam Service 5 awards Southeast Asia Service Global Terrorism Expeditionary Global Terrorism Service Armed Forces Service 3 awards Humanitarian Service 2 awards Sea Service 6 awards RVN Presidential Unit Citation RVN Gallantry Cross Unit awards NATO award Kuwait Liberation I am sure there will be more awards of the sea service ribbon and the global terrorism awards and maybe more before she goes cold steel in 2013

How much to replace ac unit 2ton carrier unit?

Besides the price, look at tax rebates and offers from your local power company for certain standards. In Arizona, for instance, you get a real break if you buy a unit with SEER 14.

What is the aircraft with the most engines?

The Helios is the aircraft with the most engines. This was an unmanned electric aircraft with 14 engines with propellers.

How many concordes where they in total?

A total of twenty Concordes were built, but only 14 flew in actual commercial service. The others were development prototypes and test aircraft.

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