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What year was japan's World War 2

What describes an important outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2

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Q: What was the britian's economy during WW2?
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What helped the united States become a superpower after world war 2?

The U.S. economy had not been destroyed by fighting during WW2.

Which dictator began world war 2 by invading Poland?

Adolf Hitler. He didn't started WW2, France and Britians government did.

What did Joseph Stalin do to the economy during World War 1?

Stalin wasn't the head of Russia in WW1, but WW2.

How did Mussolini effect Italy?

he was a dictator to Italy, he fixed its economy during ww2, him and Hitler made a nearly unstopable alliance.

Who was Truman during World War 2?

He was Truman before ww2, and during ww2. sometime after ww2, he died.

How did Japan's economy boom after WW2?

An increase in manufacturing

Who led russia during WW2?

Josef Stalin was the leader of the Russians during WW2.

How did the economy change after World War 2?

Well, the economy before WW2 was bad, the Great Depression, and that was what caused WW2, but because of WW2 there were more jobs, for making weapons, and fighting, so the people got more money.

What is wirstchaftswunder?

Economic miracle, it referred to the rapid rise of the West German economy in the Post WW2 years. During this time period Germany's economy rose from the ruins to become the largest industrial power in Europe.

Why was the Alaska highway built?

For National Defense during WW2.It was built for National Defense during WW2.

Why did Hitler invade England?

Hitler did not invade England during WW2. No one invaded England during WW2.

What happened to the German economy during world war 2?

Germany's economy thrived during WW2, due to money produced from mass slave labor, the taking of Europe's art and the general money 'stolen' from Nazi occupied countries. The Nazis made $billions from all of this.

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