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Q: What will the charge be of the following element they to become more stable?
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What will the charge be of the following element when they LOSE or GAIN electrons to become more stable?

Aluminum, sulfur, fluorine, phosphorus, iodine, and neon

What does an element need to become stable?

for an element to become stable, the element needs to gain or lose electrons. im not sure how that is done but you can always search up the element on the internet and find out what a electron has to do to became stable.

What is the charge of P ion?

The charge is 3-, as it gains 3 electrons to become stable.

How uranium nucleus become stable?

Being radioactive, uranium is not a stable element.

How can an element become stable?

An element becomes stable when it gains noble gas electronic structure. that is when it have 8 electrons in its outermost shell

How many electrons must beryllium loose to become stable?

Beryllium is a stable element.

What is an advantage of bonding?

with bonding, in chemistry terms: when bonding a covalent bond, you are sharing electrons for an element to become stable, and when bonding an ionic bond, you are transfering electrons for an element to become stable

Why are halogens the most stable ionic charge?

Halons are a class of element, not a type of charge. As for why the halogens have the most stable charges, they don't - at least not all of them.

How many electrons does the oxygen atom need to become stable?

It must gain 2 electrons to become stable then it would have a charge of -2 and be iso-electronic with Neon.

How does an element become stable?

if bt stable u meen unreactive then it is when the element obtains a full outer orbital of electrons, through either covalent or ionic bonding

Does fluorine lose or gain?

Fluorine has an atomic number of 9, so it has 9 electrons. To become a more stable element it gains an electron to have a full outershell (2, 8 = 10). This gives fluorine a charge of 1-.

What is the charge on the most stable ion of each of the following elements Br F Mg?

The most stable ions will be Br-, F- and Mg2+

What element indicates how many electrons must gain lose or share to become stable?

i think you mean " what indicates how many electrons must an element gain or lose to become stable?" anyway, if that's what you meant, it's the atomic number. (the group) :)

How does a chlorine atom become stable?

There is a chemical reaction with another element causing Chlorine to gain an electron, thus becoming stable.

What must happen for a noble gas such as krypton to become stable?

Nothing. Krypton is already just about as stable as it's possible for an element to get.

Which of the following results from the making of a bond?

Atoms become more stable.

What does an oxidation number of 3 plus mean?

An oxidation number of 3 means that the element has a charge within the compound of +3. For example: AlCl3 (Aluminum chloride). Cl has a charge of -1 because it gains 1 electron during bonding to become stable so Al has to have a charge of +3 to balance the overall charge of the compound to zero.

How many valence electrons are needed for and element to become stable?

8 valence electrons are needed for an element to become stable, which is why the noble gases do not interact with any other elements. They are already stable. However, the exception is Helium, the first noble gas, which only has two valence electrons. 8 valence electrons are needed on the 2nd and 3rd valence shells for any molecule to become stable.

What happens when isotopes decay?

They emit either alpha or beta particles (also known as radiation) and they become a lighter element. Eventually the become a stable element such as lead.

Is the element gold stable or non stable?

The element gold is stable.

Is the valency equal to ionic charge of an atom?

Yes, it is. Since valency is the no. of electrons an element should gain or loose or share to become stable. So, this is true in case of substances which form ions. But elements like carbon never form ions. Its valency is four. It shares electrons to get stable.

Is the krypton element stable or unstable?

it is an stable element

How many electrons does sodium need to lose to become a noble gas element?

Sodium would need to lose one electron in order to obtain a full and stable outer shell, however it would be an ion with a positive charge

What does and element's oxidation number indicate?

An element's oxidation number indicates how many electrons an atom has gained, lost, or shared to become stable.

Does a radioactive element become stable after its mass number become less than 82?

Not always -- Hydrogen-3 is radioactive, for example.