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to preserve the local ecosystem and natural beauty to the place and your helping the earth!

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Q: What 3 reasons to plant native plants in your yard at your school or in local park?
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What are three reasons to plant native plants in your yard at your school or in a local park?


What does ''local plants and people'' mean?

local plants: a plant that is native to that place- example:flower cacti are native to desserts local people: people that are native to that place-example:indians are native to india

Holly trees and bushes are native to north American list reasos to plant native plants in your yard or at your school?

Native species have many benefits over exotic ones. Here are a few reasons to go native:Tend to be more resistant to local insects and diseasesBetter adapted to the local climateTypically require less watering and fertilizing (if planted on proper sites)Provide food and shelter for wildlifeDo not add any foreign chemicals to the soil compositionThere are several species of holly native to North America. Check the related links for more information.

what is the best practice for the health of the environment when landscaping at home?

Choose native plants that are compatible with the local soil type.

Good reasons to go to public school?

Free, local, a social environment closer to the real world than a sheltered private/religious school

Three reasons to go local native plants in your gardens?

A native plant is simply any species that is indigenous to your county or state. In the wild it is part of the traditional plant communities of your area. For example, if you live in the deep south, the bald cypress is a native tree. Some native plants are suitable for gardens and offer beautiful flowers such as the purple coneflower of the prairie states, so these have long been garden perennials. Here's why: Super adapted. Natives are naturally adapted to the local climate, so they don't need much from you once they're established in the garden. This is a vital point in drought stricken communities where natives offer beautiful plants that ask for little to know supplemental water. Plant to animal links. Wildlife recognizes native plants because they are naturally adapted to one another. Birds, bees and butterflies go to native flowers first because they're programmed by eons of natural selection to do so. Non-threatening. Many exotic garden plants are proving a problem when they escape from gardens to invade and distort wild plant communities. Native plants never pose a problem if they escape because they already belong.

What were the medicines in the middle colonies?

mostly they used herbs and plants from local Native Americans. They also used garlic to cure common diesease's

Why was residential school closed in Canada?

There are many reasons a particular school would be closed. Lack of sufficient enrollment, cost of building maintenance, budget cuts, etc. are all reasons schools are closed. Usually, local newspapers cover stories about schools closings. The particular reason a certain school was closed can probably be found in back issues of the newspaper at your local library.

Native Australian Plant used as a food source?

The macadamia nut is Australia's only native food crop. Other plants are used as bush tucker, but local knowledge is required to know which ones are edible.

What plants grows best in a garden?

Provenant indigenous plants. otherwise known as "Native" plants. They grow naturally in your area, they are purposefull in your local ecosystem and apart of your local plant community. Insure that the seed is from your area so that the plant has developed all its traits in your area and is thus perfectly adapted to the areas climate and soil type.

How do you get food in the forest?

Depends where you are. Knowledge or a guidebook on local native and wild food plants is helpful. As well as advice on what NOT to eat. Knowledge of animals in the area and how to capture them for food...

What are good reasons to move schools?

Some good reasons a student might have to move schools include that he or she:graduated from primary school to middle schoolgraduated from middle school to high schoola school has permanently closedthe local government consolidated public schoolsthe local government restructured the school district for public schoolsparents took a job in another town or Statethe student cannot excel at that school for some good reasonthe student is being severely bulliedthe student is a bully or is in severe trouble at that schoolto get a fresh start after social problems

What are the three main reasons for rainforest destruction?

The need for timber.The need for agricultural (farming) land in forested areas.Greed and the desire for profit at the expense of the environment and the local/native people.

Number of local school districts in Alabama?

what is the number of local school districts

When was Local School Councils created?

Local School Councils was created in 1988.

What is the opposite of foregin?

Local, native, and national

What was the name given for the local native american chief and his trib how away did the live?

Chief Massasoit was the name given for the local native American chief.

How can people help endangered animals?

You can conserve habitats, try to help make space for wild life, Recycle, Reduce, And Reuse, Plant NATIVE Plants That Are LOCAL To The Area (foreign plants hurt our wildlife), make sure any non-native plants do not hurt the wild-life or get rid of it, join an organization that helps protect endangered animals, and have your voice get heard to help these animals.

How are the school superintendents of each school system chosen in Georgia?

Local superintendents are appointed by local school boards.

How can you fight an erosion?

Typically, this is done by placing plants with extensive root systems. Often grasses or ground vines are used, occasionally local or native shrubs can be effective. Until the plants are established, there are netting or matting products that can be used to cover the area.

What plants are local and global?


What is a local Trade School?

A local trade school is a trade school taht is within 50 miles of your home address.

Who helped the pilgrims at plymouth?

The local native Americans did.

What are the local people called in Hawaii?

They are called Native Hawaiians.They are called Native Hawaiians.They are called Native Hawaiians.They are called Native Hawaiians.They are called Native Hawaiians.They are called Native Hawaiians.

When was Elida Local School District created?

Elida Local School District was created in 1868.