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Only 2 religions practiced today originated in Israel: Judaism and Christianity.

However, a strong case could be made for Baha'i as well since Baha'ullah spent much his later years in Haifa, Israel even though his first revelations came about in Iran.

It is worth noting that while there are Islamic Holy Sites in Jerusalem, Islam did not originate in Israel.

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Q: What 3 religions are from Israel?
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What is the city in Israel holy to 3 world religions?


Why is islam important to Israel?

All peaceful religions are important to Israel.

Which religions have holy sites near Israel?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Those are the major, monotheistic religions in the region. The minority religions of Druze and Baha'i also have holy sites in Israel.

What city has 3 different religions in the middle east?

Jerusalem, in Israel, is a sacred city to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

What is Jerusalem now?

Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East that is (1) important two three major religions, (2) politically complicated, and (3) the de jure capital of two states: Israel and Palestine.Capital city of Israel.

What religions do not have any holy sites near Israel?

Most religions of the world do not have holy sites near (or in) Israel, such as:Ancestor WorshipBuddhismCao DaiConfucianismDruidsHinduismNative African ReligionsNative American ReligionsShenismShintoismSikhismTaoismTengriismWiccansAdditionally, a number of minority Middle Eastern religions have no holy sites in Israel: Mandaeanism and SabianismShabakismYarsanism (Ahl-e-Haqq)YazidismZoroastrianismIt may perhaps be easier to list those religions with holy sites near or in Israel JudaismChristianityIslamBaha'iDruze

What other religions believe that Israel is holy?


What was the third religion of Israel?

The third religion in Israel is Christianity. It comes after Judaism and Islam religions.

What four religions is Israel important to?

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, & Baha'i.

What is the second largest religion in israel?

The third most common religion in Israel is Christian. Other religions in Israel also include the Jewish and Muslim religions.

What are all the religions of israel?

Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druzes.

What are the 3 major religions that claim part of Israel?

Religious affiliation in Israel, as of 2005: Jewish: 76.3% Muslim: 16.1% Christian: 2.1% Druze: 1.6% Other: 3.9% The Jewish 76.3% were distributed as follows: Secular: 33% Traditionally observant: 30% Orthodox: 7% Ultra-orthodox: 6%