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Sesame Street Characters: * Ernie * Bert * Big Bird * Elmo Disney Characters: * Mickey Mouse * Cinderella, etc. Super Heroes: * Batman * Superman * Spiderman, etc. Star Wars characters: * Darth Vader * Storm Troopers etc. Characters from the Harry Potter movies

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What 5 fictional characters known through out the world?

spogebob,miley stewert,scoobydoo,jackson stewert,timmy[fairy oddparents]

Do faires paint buttiflys?

NO! It might be a nice world if they did, but fairies are fictional characters.

Is zombies going to take over the world?

Zombies will not take over the world because they are fictional characters

How do i get to the world of oz?

Oz is fictional. You get there through your imagination.

How are mermaids in this world?

None ! Mermaids are fictional characters from folklore - they do not exist in the real wworld.

If fictional characters would appear in the world what would happen?

they would pwnzor us all

Is it possible to hate Edward Cullen?

Yes. Essentially you can hate anyone in the world, including fictional characters.

Is there really a superhero?

There is not really superhero's in the world. Superhero's are all fictional characters made for comic books, cartoons, movies, etc.

How vampire born in this world?

Vampires are most likely only fictional characters. But in tales they are born by being bitten by other vampires. ~I

Is anything in Harry Potter real?

The characters, spells and most of the locations (except those set in the muggle world) are all fictional.

How do you meet the warrior cats?

As another user said, Warrior Cats are fictional characters; they do not exist in the real world, rather created by the Erins in the form of books.....Boy, I hope you're kidding about this.

Is emily stewart gay?

Emily Stewart is a fictional character on the American soap 'As the World turns'. She has only had relationships with other male characters in the show.

The Tigris and Euphrates rivers pass through an area of the world known as the .?

The Tigris and Euphrates rivers pass through an area of the world known as the _______.

Who are some well known characters in World of Warcraft?

Some well known characters in World of Warcraft are: Archimode, Kazzak, Valeen, Iridi, Ishanah, Malygos, Soridormi, Merithra, Arygos, Dargonax, Modgud, Thunderaan, Garr, Alodi.

Why did pooh kill garp?

Pooh and Garp are both fictional characters from the book The World According to Garp. It is believed that Pooh killed Garp because of Ellen.

Where is romantic Irony in Sophie's World?

Romantic irony is when the author tells/shows that the characters/storyline is fictional even though it starts to seem real to the reader.

Why am I attracted to fictional characters?

There could be a lot of reasons. I am too, sometimes. I think one of the reasons is that fictional characters are often a little bit more perfect than real people. You don't have to deal with their flaws, and you always see the cool side of them, since we see inside their heads. I don't necessarily think that it is a bad thing. There is a lot we can learn from fictional characters. The thing to keep in mind is that, even though we can get tips and tricks about life from fiction... we still have to get out there and deal with the real world sometimes. :) We will have to be more patient with real people, of course... and that's okay. Maybe we'll be armed better with some good pointers from our favorite fictional characters. :)

Is ezio auditore from assassins creed real?

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a fictional character(not real.) Although many events and characters based in the Assassin's Creed game are based off of real world events and real world people though out history. The history and stories in the game were changed to incorporate the fictional characters made up by the Ubisoft team. It is recommended that you may do research and learn for yourself the real history and characters of Renaissance Italy and Istanbul.

What are the characters in Harry Potter known as who lack any sort of magical ability and were not born into the magical world?

They were known as Muggles

What is a shared universe?

A shared universe is a fictional setting that is used by several authors, script writers, or game designers. There are usually certain characters who "belong" to a specific author, and anyone using those characters in a story or game must obtain permission from the original creator. The setting can be used by anyone, as can certain of the background characters.The best known examples of a shared universe are probably the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, which use many authors to create stories about the characters and worlds. Two examples of novel "universes" include Thieves' World and Wolf Creek, both of which used a "stable" of authors to create stories about a fictional town and its characters.

What fictional Japanese characters live in a Digital World?

The "Digital World" might be referring to the Japanese characters called Digimon, or Digital Monsters. Digimon are creatures, similar in nature to Pokemon. They can fight each other and evolve into higher forms, but unlike Pokemon, they do not stay evolved.

The Tigris and Euphrates rivers pass through an area of the world known as the?

The Tigris and Euphrates rivers pass through an area of the world known as the Fertile Crescent.

Is Albus Dumbledore real?

In Harry Potter's fictional world he is a real person; in our real world he is a fictional person.

Do vampires go to Egypt?

Vampires have been a part of history/legend of every culture and country in the world in one form or another forever. Including Egypt. Vampires are fictional; so like all fictional characters they can do whatever the writer of their story decides they can do.

What are Dungeons and Dragons characters?

a dungeons and dragons character is a personality that you can roleplay through and interact through in the dungeons and dragons world.