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What is achivr visb bill pymnt?

I have that on my bank account for Verizon Wireless bill payments

What is bank reconciliation statement?

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Is the Bank Reconciliation statement a part of financial statement?

Bank reconciliation statement is not part of financial statement it is the helping statement to tally bank account with balance in banks statement.

Who prepares the bank statement?

bank prepares a bank statement ..one copy of bank statement is with us called cash book and other is with bank called pass book

Why is a bank reconciliation statement prepared?

BANK RECONCILIATION STATEMENT is prepared to identify any changes in bank account between bank statement and company books.

What does handyway mean in a bank statement?

what does handyway mean on a bank statement

What does cdm mean on your bank statement?

what does CDM stand for on a bank statement

What does CAP mean on a bank statement?

CAP is CAPITAL in bank statement.

What idoes Mae mean on a bank statement?

MAE mean on a bank statement

What is the meaning of Atw in Bank Statement?

is the meaning of atw in hdfc bank statement

What does g p mean on bank statement?

what does GP mean on bank statement

What does mbs adj on a bank statement mean?

On a bank statement, MBS ADJ stands for manual bank statement, adjustment. This is done when the electronic bank statement is not working and the adjustment is being done manually.

What does ptb mean on a bank statement from RBC?

this is on my bank statement ptb tfr ja448960 what is this

Where can one check their bank statement?

A bank statement can be checked in many ways. The three most common are a paper statement either mailed by the bank to the account owner or obtained a the bank, a statement viewed or printed at an ATM, or a statement viewed or printed on the bank's website.

How do you create a free bank statement templete?

how to create a free bank statement template

What does POD on a bank statement mean?

on a bank account statement, it means Payable On Death

How is prepared Bank reconcilation statement?

Ending bank account balance per bank statement - add deposits made before and upto the date of the ending balance on the bank statement that are not on the bank statement - subtract checks and other expenses (debit cards, etc) made before and upto the date of the ending balance on the bank statement that are not on the bank statement - the end result is the reconciled bank account balance. 'Bank reconcilation statement' means veryfying / realising every transactions done with bank. It may be related with payment made or credit received or particular interest charged or received.

Can your girlfriend use your bank statement against you if she stole your bank statement?

well if she did try to use it against you you can bring up the fact that she actually stole your bank statement!!!! : )

What is the vision and mission statement of HSBC Bank?

The vision statement of HSBC Bank is "To be the leading international Bank in Turkey." The mission statement is to connect with customers and help them thrive.

What is the difference between a bank statement and a statement of account?

Hello, A bank statement is a listing from the bank of the deposits to and withdrawals from a depositor's bank account. A statement of account is actually a billing statement - a documents that asks the person/ company to whom a statement of account is addressed to pay the amount stated in the said document. Tessjavier from the Philippines

How do you reconcile pass book to cash book?

Reconciliation process is called "bank reconciliation statement" under which both company accounts balance of cash and bank is reconciled with balance of bank account provided by bank statement. The process is that first of all one statement is treated as base statement, it may be bank statement or books bank account but it is normally bank statement and after that the second statement balance is reconciled for any unrecorded transactions or any cheques issued but not presented in bank and after the reconciliation is completed both book's bank account as well as bank statement balance should be tally otherwise any discrepancies should be investigated and resolved.

What does 'ITL' mean on a bank statement?

ITL on a bank statement means International.

What does fl gross mean on tsb bank statement?

what does fl fross mean on your bank statement

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