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I heard that you don'ty need an ACT score, but you just need a SAT Score and it doesn't mattern what it is, as long as you get one.

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Q: What ACT score do you need in order to go to Dyersburg State Community College?
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Do you need to live in the same state as a Community College in order to apply?

Anyone in any state can apply for admission to a community college. Each community college has its own admissions policies and standards, so be sure to review those before sending an application. Attending the community college may require you to relocate, however.

Is there an LPN school in North Carolina?

Yes, there are several Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) programs offered by community colleges around North Carolina. These include (in alphabetical order): Bladen Community College, Cape Fear Community College, Cleveland Community College, Coastal Carolina Community College, College of the Albemarle, Gaston College, Isothermal Community College, Montgomery Community College, Nash Community College, Rockingham Community College, Sampson Community College, South Piedmont Community College, Southeastern Community College, Southwestern Community College, Vance-Granville Community College, Wayne Community College, and Wilson Technical Community College.

Do you think it's a good learning experience when doing community service in order to go to college?

Do you think its a good learning experience when doing community service in order to graduate from college?

Is Essex County College for both male and females?

Essex Community College is a public community college and is open for both males and females to attend. There are not restrictions as far as gender in order to apply and study at this college.

Where can I find open MRI technician classes?

In order to become a certified MRI technician, one must complete a series of courses on the subject at a community college, state college, or medical technician school (med-tech).

What qualifications do you need to obtain a state contractor license?

You will need to take a state contractor exam, and depending on the state you may need to gain some hours in order to qualify for the test. You can find all of the information online depending on your state or your local community college.

Comparing political institutions and behaviors from state to state and community to community in order to identify and explain similarities or differences is referred to as?

Contrasting studies

In order to get a masters degree do you have to finish your associates at a community college then go to a university?

To obtain the master's degree (if starting at a community college), it will take two years at the community college, two additional years at a four year college or university, and then two to three years to finish the master's degree depending on the specialty.

Where can I find good community college in NY?

In order to be accredited, community colleges must abide specific standards. There are no "bad" community colleges. Community college is a great return on investment of your education dollar. This site offers a list of CCs in New York:

where in pensacola can i get my certicate for bcls?

You can try your local community college for your bcls in order to get the classes at a affordable rate.

Can you get a bachelor's degree in marine biology at a community college?

In the US, community colleges almost by definition do not offer bachelor's degrees (four-year degrees) but are limited to offering associate's degrees and other two-year programs. You can start at a community college and transfer to a four-year school later, but you should double check this with the college you plan to transfer to in order to find out which credits they will accept from that particular community college.

What is required for the CAN training?

In order to become a certified nurse, you must take CNA courses and complete a state test to become certified. You can take CNA courses at your local community college or even the Red Cross.