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ATM consists of 3 layers AAL (adoption layer) ATM layer (similar to DataLink layer) and Physical layer. AAL layer has no equivalent in the OSI model.

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Q: What ATM layer has no equivalent layer in the OSI reference model?
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How many layers are present in ATM reference model?

4 layers are present in ATM reference modal 1.physical layer 2.ATM layer 3. ATM adaptation layer 4. higher layer

What is the difference between the ATM model and the osi reference model?

osi modal is deovaped by iso company it has 7 layers but ATM modal has a 4 layers osi modal have a physical layer,datalink layer,network layer, trasport layer, session layer, perastion layer, application layer, but

On which layer of the OSI model does ATM reside?

Layer 2

What WAN technologies operates at Layer 3 of the OSI model?


Difference between ATM reference model and OSI model?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model has the following seven layers 1. Application layer,2. Presentation layer, 3. Session layer, 4. Transport layer, 5. Network layer, 6. Datalink layer and 7. Physical layer Asynchronous Transfer Mode is the most reliable mode of transmission used at present It has the following layers 1. Network layer 2. Data link layer 3. Physical layer OSI was used for transmission over unreliable medium while ATM is used for reliable transmission as it employs error detection and correction mechanism

Which one of the following technologies dsl sonet ATM or none of them operates at layer 3 of the osi model?

none of the above

Can you locate the ATM transcation location by the reference number given in the ATM slip?


What is 1 atm-?

1 atm simply refers to one atmospheric pressure. 1 atm is equivalent to 101,300 Pa.

The pressure of a gas in a container is 152 mm hg this is equivalent to?

This is equivalent to 0.2 atm. (152 mmHg)*(1 atm)/(760 mmHg)=0.2atm

The pressure of a gas in a container is 152 mm Hg. This is equivalent to?

This is equivalent to 0.2 atm. (152 mmHg)*(1 atm)/(760 mmHg)=0.2atm

Is ATM a WAN technology that functions in the Data Link layer?

Yes, True

What WAN technologies operates at Layer 3 of the OST model?

Which? Where are the Options?WAN Technologies operate & involve Layer1, Layer2 & Layer3 of OSI Model. Example of WAN Technology Protocols are Frame Relay, ATM & X.25 protocols.

Differentiate ATM and OSI model?

OSI reference model as defined in ITU-T recommendation x.200(ITU-T as 1994d) is a logical architecture which defines a set of principles including protocol layering, layer service definition ,service primitives and independence. these principles are suitable for the definition of the B-ISDN /atm.However, not all of these principle have been fully applied in the B-ISDN PRM.

An AAL1 layer receives data at 2Mbps How many cells are created per second by the ATM layer?


What is the equivalent pressure of 0.905 ATM in units of mm Hg?


Where is the password in ATM card?

All unregistered ATM cards start off with a default password of the decimal equivalent of the hex string A09G.

What does the abbreviation ATM on a waterproof watch stand for?

ATM is the depth by which water resistance is measured on a watch. ATM stands for Atmospheres. 1 atmosphere is equivalent to appx. 33 feet depth in water. So if a watch is 3 ATM = 100 ft. water resistant.

Which two data link layer protocols are used in packet-switched WAN networks?

Atm frame relay

What are two data link layer protocols are used in packet-switched WAN networks?

atm and frame-relay

What is the equivalent of 1atm?

1 atm = 14.696 psi = 101325 pascals = 1.01325 bar

What is the pressure of gas in a container that's 152 mm Hg equivalent to?

0.2 ATM

What is the absolute pressure at the bottom of a lake that is 25 m deep?

10 m is equivalent to about 1 ATM (1 atmosphere) SO 25 m is equal to 2.5 ATM's absolute pressure would include the 2.5 ATM's plus 1 ATM (standard for sea level) so the answer would be 3.5 ATM's or about 35000 Pa (pascals)

What ATM is equivalent to 152 mm Hg?

152 mm Hg is equal to 0,2 atmosphere.

What is equivalent to 1 ATM?

The atmospheric pressure (1 atm) is 101,325 Pa. In practice, it is usually approximated to 1 bar (100,000 Pa).In terms on barometric readings, it is 760 mmHg.

What are the devices used in osi data link layer?

Switches, Bridges, NIC, Ethernet, ATM, MAC addresses, EUI48, EUI64