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Joseph Stalin needed a second front opened to draw off German Forces and to ease the pressure that was being placed on the USSR.

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Q: What Allied leader was asking for a second front in World War 2 and why?
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the birds were beautiful

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Who was the leader of the allied army during world war 2?


Which allied leader is described below his peace plan for World War I was called the fourteen points he believed germany had to be punished for its role in World War I but in a way tha?

which allied leader is described below? his peace for world war 1 was called the fourteen points.

Who was the leader of the allied forces in World War 2?

FDR Stalin and one more...

What is allied propaganda?

Allied propaganda was propaganda issued by the allies in the Second World War--the British, the Americans, the Russians and their associates.

What was the second war that the allied powers won?

world war two

Who was the leader of the allied forces in Africa during World War 2?

Mr. Bernard Montgomery

What role did Dwight D. Eisenhower play in world war 2?

he was a supreme allied leader

What was the grerman leader name in world war 1?

the allied powers or central powers depending on which side you were on

Who was the leader of allied forces during world war ll?

The U.S. general was Dwight David Eisenhower.

Who was leader of th allied powers in world war 2?

U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Who did Hitler Ally with?

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany during World War II. He allied with Italy and Japan, including the leader of Italy Benito Mussolini.

Which allied power did not have colonies in West Africa?

If you are asking about allies of the World Wars , only the USA did not have African colonies.

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If you are asking what the second most spoken language in the world is, by number of total speakers, it's English. If you are asking what the second most widely spoken language is, it's Spanish. If you are asking what language is the most common second language for people, it's English.

What Allied leader urged fair and moderate treatment of Germany following World War 1?

Woodrow Wilson

The allied-codename Colonel Warden was for which British-leader during World War 2?

Sir Winston Churchill.

Who was the monarch of Great Britain in World War 1?

it was king edward the second i think but we were not allied forces that was the name of the German army and their allies. it was king edward the second i think but we were not allied forces that was the name of the German army and their allies.

Who was the allied commander in chief in Europe during World War 2 called Ike?

American General Dwight David Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander during the second world war.Eisenhower commanded the allied forces in Europe during WWII.

Who was the Leader of the allied naval operation in pacific during World War 2?

Admiral Chester Nimitz (for most of the war)

Allied leader who said his nation was entering war to make the world safe for democracy?

Woodrow Wilson

Who were the major leader of world war2?

During World War II, the world was divided between the Allied and the Axis powers. The Allied Powers consisted primarily of the United States, Great Britain, and Russia. The Axis Powers consisted primarily of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The national leader of the United States for the majority of the War was President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the end of the war the nation was lead by President Harry Truman. Great Britain's Prime Minister during the war was Winston Churchill. Russia's leader was Joseph Stalin. The leader of Germany during the majority of World War II was Adolph Hitler. At the end, for the fall of Germany their leader was Admiral Karl Dönitz. Italy's leader was Benito Mussolini. Japan's leader was Hirohito also known as Emperor Shōwa. The major allied military leader during World War II was General Dwight David Eisenhower.

What war was Winston Churchill leader of?

The Second World War.

Who was commander and chief in world war 2?

The Supreme commander of Allied Forces in Europe was Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower. The British Leader was Winston Churchill and the German leader was Adolf Hitler. the Communist leader was Josef Stalin.

Who fought against the Holocaust?

People of all nationalities really, if that is what you meant. Of course germans themselves fought against the holocaust too. But if you're asking about what nations fought against nazi germany during the second World War check out the wikipedia page on "second world war", it gives a long list with nations that together made up the allied forces.