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None. They are at the top of the food chain.

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What animal eats owls?


What animal eats snow monkeys?


What animal eats a peafowls?

Tigers are their main predators.

What kind of animal eats tigers?

Tigers are at the top of the food chain, meaning that there's no other animal that eats tigers. Well, a dead tiger might get eaten by scavengers, but that doesn't really count.

What type of animal eats impalas?

Lions and tigers love them.

What is an example of an animal that eats another animal?

Lions,tigers and alligators they are called preditors

What animal eats a camel?

Lions, tigers, and comon house cats.

What animal eats the Siberian tiger?

No animal eats or hunts Siberian tigers. They are an apex predator, at the top of the food chain, not hunted by other animals.

What else competes with the cheetahs?

Lions, Tigers, and any animal that eats deer.

What animal eats a Siberian husky?

tigers,lions,wolves,rarely will find them in afirca

An animal that eats dead animals?

Coyotes, Vultures, Wolves, Tigers, Lions, and a lot more

What eats people?

Animal carnivores that are very powerful. Examples: Tigers, Lions, Bears, Alligators,

Are tigers herbavors?

a herbivore eats plants. a carnivore eats animal matter. an omnivore eats both plant and animal matter. The tiger is an obligate carnivore, which means it must eat meat to exist, it can not digest plant matter.

What animal eats leopards?

Tigers will kill and eat any large cat that dares enter their territory.

What animal that catches and eats other animals?

Carnivores which are animals like lions, tigers, wolves etc.

What is carnivora?

Carnivora are known as carnivores, and they are any animal that eats primarily or exclusively meat, usually that they kill. Some examples of carnivores are tigers, lions, wolves,...etc. If an animal eats meat that another animal killed, they are a scavenger.

What animal eats tigers and lions?

Tiger and lions are top predators - means that no other animal hunts them for food. Parts of tigers are popular in traditional Eastern medicine, and eventually end up eaten by humans.

What is an example of carnivores?

Any animal that eats meat tigers lions dogs bears snakes eagles...etc

What animal eats a cow?

There is more than one animal that can eat a cow. But, the main animal that eats a cow is a human. Other animals include hyenas, wolves, bears, lions, cougars, tigers, panthers, coyotes, wild dogs, cheetahs, etc.

Are tigers the bravest animal?

No tigers are not the bravest animal.

Why are plankton called the foundation of life?

an animal eats the plankton, another animal eats that animal, another animal eats that animal, and so on

Why do you call a animal that eats animals that eats plants?

An animal that eats plants is called a Herbivore. A carnivore is an animal that eats meat.

What eats dholes?


What eats leamurs?


What animal eats a crow?

What animal eats a crow

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