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In a sentence independent clauses are those which are independent of one another. Look at the example:

he is an active boy but his brother is very lazy.

here two clauses

1.he is an active boy

2.his brother is very lazy

are combining with one another

both clauses are independent of one another

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Q: What Are Some Independent Clauses Examples?
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What are some examples of independent clauses?

Independent clauses are simple sentences. They contain a subject and a predicate. Examples: The team won the championship. We're attending our family reunion in Florida. She's a friendly, outgoing person. The tiny puppy scares easily.

Is there two main types of clauses are independent clauses and dependent clauses?

Yes, these are the two main types of clauses. The names are dependent and independent clauses.

Examples of independent and dependent clauses?

before i could warn the students i mr. smiths class

What Are Some dependent Clauses Examples?

i am a human

What are the types of clauses?

There are two kinds of clauses and three types of clauses in the English language. The two kinds are independent and dependent. An independent clause consists of a subject and a predicate that represent a complete thought. Dependent clauses depend on independent clauses to make complete sense. the three dependent clauses are noun clauses, adjective clauses, and adverb clauses.

What is an independent clauses with no subordinate clauses?

A simple sentence.

Examples of dependent clause?

A dependent clause is an incomplete statement and must be paired with an independent clause. Some examples of a dependent clauses would be: The worried man. Drove quickly. The first time.

What is the definition of the literary term freight-train and what are some examples?

a sentence consisting of three or more very short independent clauses joined by conjunctions

What is the main reason for connecting independent clauses with a semicolon?

what is the main reason for connectining independent clauses with a semicolon

2 independent clauses are joined together by a conjunction?

Yes. two independent clauses can be joined by a conjunction.

A compound sentence consists of two or more clauses?

independent clauses

Does a complex sentence contain two independent clauses?

No, a complex sentence contains one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. A sentence containing two independent clauses is called a compound sentence.

What consists of one independent clause with one?

One independent clause + dependent clause= complex sentence Two independent clauses = compound sentence Two or more independent clauses + two or more dependent clauses = compound-complex sentence

How would you join 2 independent clauses in compound sentence?

You join 2 independent clauses in a compound sentence with a comma.

What is the different between compound sentence and a complex sentence?

A complex sentence has an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses. A compound sentence has 2 or more independent clauses. A compound-complex sentence has two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.

Clauses that stand alone and are complete sentences are called?

These are called independent clauses.

What kind of conjunction joins two independent clauses to create a compound sentence?

A coordinating conjunction joins two independent clauses.

How do you punctuate the middle of a complex sentence with two independent clauses?

All you have to do is put a comma and a transition in between the two independent clauses.

What happens if two independent clauses are connected by a semicolon?

A semicolon would be the appropriate punctuation connecting two independent clauses IF there is no coordinating conjunction; However, if there IS a coordinating conjunction (and, but...) then you would only use a comma to separate both independent clauses

Can dependent clauses stand alone?

No, independent clauses can stand alone as sentences, but dependent clauses cannot stand alone.

What part of speech is used to link the clauses?

A conjunction, a coordinate one for independent clauses and a subordinate one for dependent clauses.

This consists of two or more independent clauses with no subordinate clauses?

compound sentence

What is a sentence that contains two or more independent clauses but no dependent clauses?

Compound sentence

A sectence that consisted of an independent clause plus one or more dependent clauses is?

You have described a "complex" sentence. - Simple sentence = An independent clause. - Compound sentence = Two independent clauses joined with a conjunction. - Complex sentence = An independent clause plus one or more dependent clauses.

What word joins independent clauses?