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The vacuum flask otherwise known as a thermos flask

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What does heat flow from?

Heat Transfer is the study of how heat flows through objects. Any object that has temperature wants to dissipate it into surrounding objects and to colder objects. If the surrounding objects or air is at the same temperature, then heat will not flow. Some materials conduct heat more than others. Heat can be transferred into flowing gases and air. There is no such thing as cold flow. Rather it the flow of heat such that it cools one area and moves it to another area where it is dissipated.

What stops heat transfer?

If heat is being transferred by conduction, separating the two objects will stop heat transfer by that means.If heat transfer is by convection, stopping the flow of fluid between two objects will eliminate that means of heat transfer. One notable way of doing that is to interpose a vacuum between the two objects.If heat transfer is by radiation, the energy has to be sent out by the source and absorbed by the sink without interruption. If that can be interrupted then that can't happen. Some ways of achieving this areplace a non-transparent barrier between the source and sink - of course if the barrier absorbs the heat and then re-radiates it out the other side you still have heat transfermake the surface of the sink perfectly reflective - in which case no energy would be absorbed and thus no heat transfer would occur. Note that getting perfect reflectivity is impossible as far as we know.separate the source and the sink an infinite distance such that attenuation of the transmitted energy would reduce it to zero. Of course we don't have infinite distance to work with so that will only work for a thought experiment.Of course in all cases if the temperatures of two objects are the same, no heat transfer will occur no matter what mode of heat transfer you are considering.

What is the transfer of heat by conduction?

Transfer of heat by conduction is when transfer of heat occurs through touch. Vibrating atoms come in contact with neighboring atoms transferring some of their energy (heat).

Is conduction a method of heat transfer?

Yes, conduction, convection and radiation are ways to transfer some heat.

Why does heat travel faster by conduction in some objects?

Heat travels faster in some objects by conduction because they have free or mobile electrons for the conduction of heat energy.Such is the case with metals.

How does heat transfer to cups?

Heat transfer to cups (or other solid objects) happens on a molecular level; fast moving hot molecules (perhaps in your hot coffee) collide with slower moving cold molecules (in your cup) and speed them up, giving up some of their own momentum.

What process is a method of heat transfer but it does not contribute to the moving heat energy in and around the earth?

There are three means of heat transfer, Convection, conduction, and radiation. All three occur to some degree in all heat transfer processes.

Is the statement that radiation is the only form of heat transfer that is experienced on Earth true?

No. There are three different forms of heat transfer Radiation, Conduction and Convection. All three are experienced on Earth. Conduction occurs when heat is transferred between objects that are in direct contact with one another: some materials are better conductors than others. Convection is the up and down movement of gases and liquids caused by heat transfer. Radiation occurs when electromagnetic waves travel through space transferring heat to the object which it eventually hits.

Why do moving objects get warmer than non-moving objects?

Objects moving against the force of friction dissipate energy in form of heat. Some part of this heat, is absorbed by the body itself and objects get warm.

How will heat transfer to the pan?

some conduction, some radiant, a little bit convection

Is the heat you fell from a fireplace called radiation?

Some of it is though you also get convection an conduction heat transfer

Why some of the materials are insulators?

They are bad conductors ,they do not allow heat transfer.

What is the difference between conductionconvection and radiation?

Conduction: Transfer of heat from one object touching another Convection: Transfer of heat by a gas or liquid, Convection current is created when the gas or liquid warms up and rises, then gives up some of the heat and then falls to be heated again. Radiation: The transfer of heat by energy transfer alone, like sunlight.

What is heat transfer thorugh a gas or liquid?

Some three types of heat transfers are convection, radiation and conduction.

What are some materials that delay heat transfer?

for instance insulating materials and steel

What are some ways that conduction and convection are the same?

They both have to do with the transfer of heat energy.

What does heat transfer in a fluid take place by?

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow is a wide subject, worth years of college.Heat transfer has three modes; conduction, convection and radiation. (Also phase change, not applicable here.)Most heat transfer in fluids (gases or liquids) is by convection. Depending on conditions, some small amount of conduction and radiation can also be significant.

What is the Functions of heat sink?

A heat sink is a device that allows the transfer of heat away from the heat source. It can be in the form of a paste or jelly or a simplealuminum structure which is attached to the heat source. Virtually all microprocessors in computers utilize a heat sink to transfer the heat of the CPU to the aluminum which can 'shed' that heat into the air (air transfer method). Some CPUs are water cooled; one might say that this is a 'water heat sink' but that really isn't true.

Can an object containing heat emit x rays?

Your answer may well lie hidden in these simple truths: -- All objects contain heat. -- Some objects emit x-rays.

Why do some objects get hot easily when place under the sun?

they absorb the heat from the atmosphere directly above them. Darker objects absorb heat quicker than light-coloured ones.

Were do warm blooded animals get there body heat from?

From their metabolism, some processes such as that occur in the mitochondria release heat when they transfer electrons.

Why do some objects feel colder than other objects of the same temperature?

The ones that feel colder, have better heat conduction.

Why does mass count in heat transfer?

Mass counts because when you have a block of some material at some heat. Then that is the average heat of every molecule in that block. The more mass there is the more energy is available to be transfered as heat.

What are some examples of radiation heat transfer?

A light bulb, campfire and A Microwave Oven •

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