What Are The Effects Of Music?

Answer Music is the best thing in the world and nothing will ever compare to the things that music does to ones soul!!! NEVER!!

I think classical is great for growth, but hard core rock brutally kills them.

Research has shown that if you compare a musician's brain to that of an average person, you will see many physical differences. However, if you compare a mathematician's brain to that of an average person you will see little differences. This is not to suggest that the musician's brain is a "better" brain, it just points out that music causes change in more parts of the brain. Read "Music Ophelia" by Oliver Sacks


Effects of music on individuals can be numerous. Each person understands a song or classical piece differently, if even ever so slightly. You may be thinking that no has ever experienced love as you have, and so no one has been treated badly in a relationship like you have. Music first draws you into listening like you never would have normally. Conversations about love are mundane sometimes. But music may touch you in a way you that you like. Now, when you hear someone sing about the way he was left for someone else, you really hear them! The message may go on to say how this individual is going to deal with this person who was so careless with their trust. Then you realize that is the same thing you wanted to do; move on and never look back. Now you feel whole because you can relate to someone else with the same events in their life. Now you start looking for more songs that bring out more of your personality.

"Did u ever notice that your mood is different when you listen to different music? basically music affects your mood. also classical music has been found to make young toddlers actually smarter.

also kids who participate in some sort of musical class have been found to do better on SATS and PSSAs. music seriously is good for you!!!!!!!! and the great thing is music likes can be changed as u grow to fit ur styles. u can always change wat u like"


Answer Music is the universal language of the soul - understood by all, and moving in all its majesty and capacity. It moves the soul like nothing else can.

- Denidowi


Whenever you watch a movie theres always music in the background.......Now think about the scene your watching and try to think about why the person chose that song.....Its to make you feel it its to give you an emotion and that's what music does in general when some people are hurting they might play a sad song or a happy song to cheer them up. Its all about emotions and connections

Answer - In addition to the psychological effects music can have it can also play a big part in physiological changes. Listening to fast music can speed your heart rate up, therefore, listening to slow/relaxing music can have a calming effect by slowing the heart rate and breathing down. It has been shown to provide pain relief, aid migraines and even boost your immunity. So, music isn't just good for the soul, but also fantastic for the body and your overall health.

- Matt Warren