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Ashley Michelle Tisdale.

Lucas Grabeel

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If you are referring to Blessed Ralph Ashley, Ashley is his last name.

sharpay isn't real so she doesn't have a last name so her real name would be Ashley tisdale

Ashley- my name is also Ashley and Ashley means my fire

first letter of your first name and the last four letters of your last name. like if my name is ashley smith my password would be "asmit"

Ashley Tisdale's real name is Ashley Michelle Tisdale.

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The name Ashley is English.

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Her real name is Ashley, Her full name is Ashley Klarich

Ashley purdy is his actually name(:

Yes, in real life, her name is Ashley Marasso.

Ashley Tisdale's birth name is Ashley Michelle Tisdale.

Ashley Lelie's birth name is Ashley Jovon Lelie.

Ashley Leilani's birth name is Ashley Nicole Williams.

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