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They wanted goods for free and wanted no taxes

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Q: What British actions angered the colonist?
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What British decree angered the colonist because it limited the area available for settlement?

Townsend Acts

Why were colonist angered by the tax laws passed by the British Parliament?

They were angered because they felt the rules were unfair and that the British government was being unlawful and that that they were being treated poorly which is what brought on the war. I hope I answered your question:)

How did patriots communicate news of British actions throughout the 13 colonies?

Colonists used Committees of Correspondence to spread news about the latest British actions.

What was true of John Dillinger an Al Capone?

Their actions appealed to Americans angered by bank failures.

What was the name of the tax that angered the colonist s?


Why were colonist angered by Britain's colonial tax law's?


Why were colonist angered Britain's new colonial tax laws?


How would you feel about the stamp act if you were a colonist at this time?

The colonists were angered by it.

Which law supported by Ulloa most angered Louisiana colonist?

Yo mammy

Which of theses was one of the secret societies formed by colonist to protest British actions?

The sons of Liberty- apex

Is Benjamin Franklin a colonist or a British?


Why did the Proclamation of 1763 cause colonist to distrust?

Why were some colonists angered by the proclamation of 1763