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Colonists used Committees of Correspondence to spread news about the latest British actions.

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how did colonist get information on the movement of british troops

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Q: How did patriots communicate news of British actions throughout the 13 colonies?
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What was the British response to the Declaration of Independence and why?

The Declaration of Independence was like a declaration of war, stating that they want to have their own free nation and do whatever it takes. The British responded with war, because they didn't think they needed to change their laws. Great Britain had owned all the colonies, and the patriots were requesting to get their own nation. So overall, the British own all 13 colonies, but the patriots don't WANT that, so the British responded with: War because: They wanted to keep the colonies.

How did loyalists view the patriots?

Their enemies were the Patriots, the Patriots were the colonists. A group of people who fought for the thirteen colonies. The Loyalists thought of them as untrained soldiers, and they were correct. From an Americans point of view a Loyalist was a traitor who turned against the colonists to go with the British government.

Did the loyalists completely disagree with the patriots opposition to the british imposition of taxes in the colonies?

the loyalist did disagree with patriot's oppinion of taxes, because the the british had protected the colonist during war, and according to Ambrose Serle she critized that the colonies were like enemies of the british, also she believed that the complaints against the british wasn't strong enough to revolt against the British. also that colonies hurt England finacilly, but since the existed the governer had to protect the colonist.

People who favored Independence during the American Revolution were called what?

PatriotsThe American Revolution was characterized by a split in the support of colonist belligerents. Those who supported the American independence were called Patriots for their patriotic drive of self-government and republicanism. They were also sometimes called Whigs, who were members of the British Parliament who supported the colonists' side. These Patriots were usually farmers and countrymen who often felt the brunt of the taxes Parliament had levied on the colonies. Those who were against independence were called Loyalists or Tories, who were members of Parliament who were against the colonies.

In the 13 0riginal Colonies where did Revolutionary war begin?

The first victory, and the first battle, for the Colonialists was in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. It was here that the Colonies formed up Patriots to fight against the British on their march from Lexington. They eventually pushed the British back to the safety of Charlestown which would later lead to the siege of Boston.

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What is the artist Benjamin Franklin trying to communicate about the original thirteen British Colonies?

what is the artist ben Franklin trying to communicate about the original 13 british colonies

What are the patriots reasons for the revolutionary war?

The Patriots wanted a revolutionary war because they believed the colonies were not treated fairly by the British crown.

Why were the patriots and the loyalists arguing?

Although both parties were Americans, loyalists wanted the colonies to remain loyal to the British, while patriots wanted to split from the empire and have the colonies become their own nation. The patriotic fought the British in the American Revolution, while loyalists served as spies against the patriots.

In colonial times patriots referred to people who?

In colonial times, the word "patriots" referred to those who opposed British rule over the colonies.

Who were the representatives of the first 13 colonies that voted on what action to take against the British taxes?

the patriots

During the Revolutionary War what was the definition of the Patriots?

A person who wanted to free American colonies from British rule

Why were Patriots fightin for freedom agansit British?

They were fighting for freedom because they didn't like that the British were taxing them too much and that the colonies couldn't have anyone in Parliament (British Government).

What are the reasons for the Revolutionary War?

The Patriots wanted a revolutionary war because they believed the colonies were not treated fairly by the British crown.

The itinerant british evengelist who spread the great awakening throughout the colonies?

George Whitefield

Itinerant British evangelist who spread the Great Awakening throughout the colonies?

George Whitfield

Who was the Itinerant british evangelist who spread the great awakening throughout the colonies?

George Whitefield

Did patriots where uniforms?

Many of the Patriot soldiers did not have a uniform, as the British soldiers did. This is because the Patriots were a militia, made up of men from the colonies who were usually farmers, millers, blacksmiths, and other tradesmen.