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ROPOS is a Canadian submersible that explores underwater volcanoes. It can collect samples, take videos, and take pictures.

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Is there any Canadian technology used to explore volcanoes?

Robots - they have built-in camera's that help people see what is inside a volcano

What instruments or technology are used to study active volcanoes?

what are instruments or technology are used to study active volcanoes?How do these tools work?Which are used when the volcano is quiet or dormant?

What technology is used to explore Titanic's wreck?

Submarine technology, sonar technology, and underwater-robot technology

What technology is used to explore space?

Space shuttles, telescopes and more

What are volcanoes used for?

volcanoes are used for nothing

Have humans used technology to explore space?

Yes, by sending probes mostly, they go from earth to space, and what about cameras atached to satalites, plus rockets, they are all technology.

Can robots be used to explore volcanoes?

yes! They are created using special materials so that it can withstand the Heat and the Pressure of the Lava formed inside the Volcano.

Is a seismometer used for earthquakes or volcanoes?

is a VEI used for earthquakes or volcanoes

How did the telescope contribute to modern technology?

The telescope is not very modern it has been around for hundreds of years and is used to observe the stars. In modern technology Nasa and universities use them to explore space looking for planets. They are very useful.

How have rockets been used to explore space?

yes rockets have been used to explore space

A small vessel used to explore the ocean?

a trieste or a submersible is used to explore the ocean floor

What is the technology scientist use to predict volcanoes?

yes. During the 1980 eruption of mt. st. Helen's, scientists used seismographs and lasers to determine how bad it would be

How are satellites used to explore ocean today?

they r used to explore the ocean by their highly zooming cameras

What vehicles are used to explore space?

the real question is what vehicles are not used to explore space? from jack strom

What instruments are used to study volcanoes?

Seismographs are often used to study the activity of volcanoes. Like earthquakes, volcanoes are the result of the movement of tectonic plates, which can be measured using this device.

How do people get used to volcanoes?

they dont they just have to get used to it

When will technology be used?

Technology is being used everyday. A thumbtack is technology. A spoon is one too. Even your finger is technology.

What kind of technology is used in Canada?

Canada is a technology mecca... especially when it comes to education. Many of the most important technological advancements in the world have been aided by Canadian minds. Much of the high-end technology used in the American military is contracted thru Canadians and Canadian based companies... as well as space exploration and many of the top-end technological aspects of our world. Canada-USA relations regarding technology is and always has been a very tight and important one. Neither the USA or Canada would be so prominent in that field without one another. even dating back to the world wars... Canadian engineers were the elite

What Technology was used in russia?

the same technology that is used in america.

How is technology used in math?

Calculaters are technology and they are used for math.

Which technology is used in automatic temperature conroller?

PLC technology is used in automatic technology controller.

What is adaptive technology?

is technology that you have to get used to.

What technology is used to explore caves?

many technologies, surveying and mapping, via instruments. development of materials such as ropes, wet suits, lights. and for wet caves, diving techniques and equipment.

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