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Robinson Crusoe Island (Spanish: Isla Robinsón Crusoe), formerly known as Más a Tierra (Closer to land), is the largest island of the Chilean-controlled Juan Fernández archipelago, situated 674 kilometres west of South America in the South Pacific Ocean.

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Q: What Caribbean Island is the setting of Robinson Crusoe?
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What is the setting of the novel Robinson Crusoe?

it's setting is in Robinson crusoe island..>:) Probably the Caribbean island of Tobago given the geographical description ; see links . Caribbean island? Tobago? I think not. Robinson Crusoe island, or, as we Chilean call it Juan Fernandez, as it is a Chilean possession, is located in the Pacific. This island is famous for their huge lobsters.

What did Robinson Crusoe say to his companion when they went to Hawaii?

Defoe's setting did not include a Hawaiian Island adventure for Crusoe.

What is the duration of Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island?

The duration of Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island is 4.27 hours.

How many Robinson Crusoe movie are there?

Worldwide, there are many others. "Robinson Crusoe" (1913) "Robinson Crusoe" (1916) "Robinson Crusoe" (1917) "The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe" (1922) "Robinson Crusoe" (1924) "Little Robinson Crusoe" (1924) "Robinson Crusoe" (1925) "Robinson Crusoe" (1927) "Mr. Robinson Crusoe" (1932) "Robinson Crusoe" (1933) "Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island" (1936) "Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe" (1936) "Robinson Crusoe Jr" (1941) "Robinson Crusoe" (1954) "Robinson Crusoe" (1935) "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" (1964) "Robinson Crusoe" (1970) "Robinson Crusoe" (1997) "Crusoe" (2008) - Television series.

What is Robinson Crusoe about?

Robinson Crusoe is about a man named Robinson Crusoe who gets shipwrecked on an island after being in an extremely big storm.

When was Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island created?

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island was created on 1936-11-14.

How did Robinson Crusoe get to the island?

Robinson Crusoe get to the island when he was going for sailing for his friends suddenly his ship was wrecked and by mistakenly he reach to the island .

What does Robinson Crusoe name his island?

robinson's island

What is the name of the native companion that Robinson Crusoe finds on his desert island?

Robinson Crusoe called him "Friday".

Where is the setting in Robinson Crusoe?

It is an unnamed and uncharted island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It is never given a name or location in the book.

How many years was Robinson Crusoe stranded for?

Robinson crusoe was stranded on the island for 29 years and 60 days

Do you like the ending of the story Robinson Crusoe?

the novel Robinson crusoe by Daniel defoe was about Robinson crusoe who was shipwrecked on an island. he lived alone on the island for 28 years. i like the ending story of Robinson crusoe. i like it because firstly,he decided to sail again and write down his experiences.

What animals did Robinson Crusoe have on the island?


Who was Robinson Crusoe friend with in the island?


How Robinson Crusoe shipert to island?

He was shipwrecked there.

What does Robinson Crusoe call the only other person on the island where he is shipwrecked?

Robinson Crusoe calls the only other person on the island where he is shipwrecked Friday.

Why Robinson Crusoe called the island as an island of despair?

He was sad and lonely.

Who spent years with Robinson Crusoe on his island?


How did Robinson Crusoe survive on the island?

I was on 30th September, 1659 that Crusoe had frist set foot upon this dreadful island.

What major events happened in the year 1997?

Robinson Crusoe returned to Robinson Island. ;)

Who did Man Friday meet on the deserted island?

robinson crusoe

Where did Daniel defoe write Robinson Crusoe?

on a desert island

How did Robinson Crusoe get supplies needed to live on the island?

he had to make do with what was there

What kind of animal does Robinson Crusoe raise on the island?


When is Robinson Crusoe frightened by an earthquake?

the first week he is on the island