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Catholic AnswerOf course Catholic beliefs do not contradict the Bible, that is a logical impossibility. Members of the Catholic church wrote the books of the New Testament and the Church through several Ecumenical Councils and the Popes' consent approved the New Testament canon as we have it today. The Council of Rome in A.D. 382 is the one that approved the New Testament as we have it today, and Pope Damasus promulgated it. Catholic beliefs are based exclusively on what Our Blessed Lord taught, and the Bible was part of the Catholic Church's preaching. The Bible was made up of those books which were read at Mass.

Baptist and Biblical answer:

There are many beliefs that contradict the bible in Catholic doctrine.

1. Catholic doctrine teaches baptism washes away sin.

According to the scriptures the only thing that takes away sin is faith in the shed blood of Christ. The thief on the cross was never baptized yet Christ told him he would go to paradise with him.

2.Catholic doctrine teaches sprinkling for baptism and infant baptism.

Both are unscriptural. Every one who was baptized in the bible was an adult, who FIRST professed faith in Christ, then the were baptized by immersion (to picture the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.)

3. Purgatory is a Catholic doctrine, but is found no place in the bible.

4. Prayers to the saints are taught in Catholicism, but are never taught in the bible and actually end up being a form of idol worship.

There are many other "extra-biblical" things taught in the Catholic church.

Also the protestant bible and the catholic bible are different.

The Protestant (KJV) does not include the apocrypha, the Catholic bible does.

And it wasn't members of the Catholic church who wrote the New testament.

The history of the Catholic church shows it was formed 300 years after Christ was on earth, under Constantine. You will not find the Catholic church in the bible. Nor a pope, in spite of what Catholic doctrine teaches. The church was formed upon Jesus Christ, NOT Peter as Catholic doctrine asserts.

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Depends on which version of The Bible you mean.

Most modern English Christian bibles are based off the Catholic translations, which were manipulated to support the Catholic hierarchy and the personal beliefs of those in power.

Anyone who considers themselves an avid Christian should learn Aramaic(the language the bible was originally written in) (or Greek, even) and read the original (i.e. most accurate) versions of the bible to gain a better understanding of their god.

If you take it upon yourself to actually understand what you're claiming you believe, you'll be surprised by what you could learn.

As far as Catholic contradictions within the Aramaic bible, I'm not sure of all of them considering I'm not Catholic.

Although a few obvious ones would be the rapture, the whole dietary restriction on Friday thing, the 'deny me in front of your friends and I'll deny you in front of my father' line is nowhere to be found in the Aramaic bible, mention of hell for not believing in Jesus is not found, priests being celibate goes against god's order to multiply as per genesis. I'm sure there are many more.

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Q: What Catholic beliefs contradict the Bible?
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All of the beliefs in the Bible are Catholic, the Bible was written by Catholics, and the New Testament that we use today was approved by the Catholic Church in 390 AD at the Council of Rome.

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When it seems to be elements that contradict what the bible says you have to pray for forgiveness and repent of your sin

What does core catholic belief mean?

The core catholic beliefs are just the main beliefs of Catholics. Here are some examples: -The Bible - The sacraments - the Holy Trinity Hope this helps :D

Does the Catholic Church approve the reading of NKJV?

No, because the King James version of the Bible does not include all the canonical books of the Catholic Bible and has had many passages revised to suit the beliefs of the Protestants.

What does core beliefs mean?

The core catholic beliefs are just the main beliefs of Catholics. Here are some examples: -The Bible - The sacraments - the Holy Trinity Hope this helps :D

What is an example sentence of contradict?

She claimed to be environmentally conscious, yet she drove a gas-guzzling SUV, which seemed to contradict her beliefs.

How is the Bible used in a Roman Catholic Church?

It is the source of the the Readings and the Gospel at every Mass, and is the inspiration for the responsorial psalms.It is the basis of the Catholic faith and as such influences all their services.Basically, the entire Mass is from the Bible, in one way or another, as well as the entire Divine Office. Nothing in the Catholic faith can in anyway contradict the Bible, it is one of the two sources (along with Sacred Tradition) of the Catholic faith. Further, the Bible is used for personal reading and reflection, as shown in the practice of Lectio Divina and the Breviary.Please note that the Catholic Church is NOT Bible based, the Catholic Church wrote the Bible, decided which books would be in the New Testament, and preserved the Bible for all these centuries: the Church is not based on the Bible, the Bible is based on the Church.

Why does the pope sometimes contradict what the Bible says?

The pope never contradicts the Bible. He may contradict what certain groups, particularly Protestants, THINK the Bible says. The Magisterium of the Church has the final say as to how Catholics should interpret the Bible.

Why is heresy important?

Since Heresy means beliefs that contradict the official teachings of a religion or church; one who holds such beliefs is called a heretic, people would argue against the Church because of the church's indulgences. John Wycliffe believed that the Bible was a source to interpretations not the bible. So, many people were crucified and burned.

How did Luther's ideas about interpreting the bible differ from Catholic' ideas?

Without going into too much detail, he held that people should base their beliefs and behavior directly on what it said in the Bible, and not on indirect knowledge such as the many (Catholic) treatises and interpretations about the Bible, so that they would end up believing more in Catholic Church teachings than in the Bible itself.