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Q: What Church houses the largest Cathedral Pipe-organ in LA?
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What is the biggest cathedral in Europe?

A cathedral is any church building that houses the 'cathedra' or bishop's throne. If you assume that the Pope is also the 'bishop of Rome' then the largest cathedral and basilica in Europe is the Roman Catholic basilica of St peter, in the Vatican City, the smallest independent country in the world to be found in the west of the city of Rome, Italy. The largest Anglican caedral in Europe, and the largest Anglican church in the world, is the Anglican cathedral in Liverpool, England. Although a fractiion of its originally intended sze, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is still the largest. It also boasts the largest organ in England - over 11000 pipes.

What is the difference between a Catholic church and a cathederal?

The cathedral houses the cathedra which is the bishops chair. Basically, a cathedral is the main church within a diocese, where the bishop leads mass and from which the bishop leads the diocese.

What is Argentina's house of worship?

Argentina does not have an official religion and many different types of houses of worship can be found there. Argentina's largest religious group is Catholics, so the most common house of worship in Argentina is a Catholic Church or Cathedral.

What is the difference between churches and cathedrals?

A church is any gathering or people (from 2 upwards!) to worship, and also is the name of the building in which they worship - of any size. A cathedral is any building that houses the 'cathedra' - the throne of the bishop of a diocese - an area of land (usually county-sized) over which the bishop has pastoral care and authority. Usually the cathedral is the largest and lost impressive church in the diocese, although this is not always so. In the UK some churches are larger than many cathedrals and some cathedrals are no bigger than a small church - but it is the throne - the cathedra - which gives the church the honor of being called a cathedral.

Every Cathedral has a Bishop's what?

Cathedra. This is the official chair or 'throne' on which the bishop sits and which gives the cathedral its name ('Cathedral' means 'the place of the cathedra'). ANY church, large or small that houses the cathedra is a cathedral. Of course most cathedrals are very large ornate buildings but some are small - smaller than many a parish church. But whether large or small, it is the cathedra that makes the building a cathedral - whether or not the cathedra is situated in a magnificent edifice or a garden shed.

How is cathedral used?

Catholic AnswerAs the name implies, the Cathedral is the church in which the cathedra is housed. Cathedra is just the Latin word for stool, seat, chair, or throne. In the Catholic usage, it is used to refer to the Bishop's throne in his own church. The cathedra thus gives its name to the entire church, or, in English, a Cathedral. Thus the primary purpose of a Cathedral is the same as any other Church: to house God in the Blessed Sacrament, to provide a sanctified venue for the celebration of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to provide a place for the people to participate in it. The difference in a Cathedral is that it is the particular church which is the Bishop's home parish, it houses his cathedra, and it is the venue, normally, for services reserved for the Bishop such as ordinations.

Is there a difference between a church and a basilica?

A church is any gathering of Christian people wherever they meet - e.g. in a home, or a building designed for that purpose. So any gathering or place of Christian worship can be thought of as a church. In some denominations churches are called 'chapels', but they are still, basically, churches - places where Christians meet together. A cathedral is a special church holding the 'cathedra' - the bishop's throne. Similarly, a basilica is a special church usually designed to hold the remains or relics of a particular person - usually a saint, eirther currently or at some time in the past. Thus, St Peter's Basilica in Rome is not only a church (as it is a place of worship) and is not only a cathedral (as it houses the cathedra of the Bishop of Rome - the Pope) , but it is a basilica too as it also houses the tomb of St Peter himself. Similarly, in Northern France, the basilica of St Theresa of Lisieux is a church, and a basilica (as it houses some of her bones) but it is not classed as a cathedral as the Bishop of Lisieux's throne is situated in Lisieux Cathedral a mile or so away.

What is the difference between a basilica... a cathedral... an oratory and a church?

In the Roman Catholic Church, a basilica is a designation for an important church building. A basilica is designated by the pope to buildings that carry special spiritual, historical, and architectural significance. Once a basilica -- always a basilica. A basilica may or may not also be the cathedral of the diocese. This is the highest permanent designation for a church building. The word basilica derives from a style of church based on the old roman basilicas which were houses of Law. A cathedral is a church which holds a bishop's throne (called cathedra). It means it is the central church of his diocese. A cathedral may or may not be a basilica. It is the home church for the bishop or archbishop of a Catholic diocese. A cathedral may not always be a cathedral, depending on the decisions of the bishop. Hierarchally, the cathedral is the most important church of a diocese. A church is a building in which the public sacrifice of the Mass takes place. An oratory is more like a chapel, which is a place where people celebrate private Masses. An oratory is a structure other than a parish church, set aside by Church authority for prayer and the celebration of Mass. Examples would be chapels in airports and colleges where all of the functions of a parish aren't required. Private chapels are permitted in Catholicism, but if Church authority had not sanctioned their particular creation, they are chapels, not oratories. All of these are churches in that they have a consecrated altar and are used for celebrating the Sacraments.

The word cathedral comes from a greek word what does that word mean?

The word "cathedral" comes from a Latin word cathedrawhich means "chair or throne". The cathedral is the building which houses the chair or throne on which a bishop or other prelate in the Roman Catholic church presides. In Catholic teaching, a papal statement which is made "ex cathedra" or from the throne is considered infallible, according to the Council of Trent.

2 things in a medieval town?

Answera sword and a horse.A market and a tavern.AnswerA medieval town had a church and a market.A hamlet was a group of houses, but had no church. All villages, towns, and cities had churches.A village had a church, but no permanent market.A town had a church, and it also had a permanent market.A city had all the things a town had, but in addition, it had a cathedral.

What has the author Patrick Cowley written?

Patrick Cowley has written: 'The church houses' -- subject(s): Church houses

Is Westminster Abbey and Westminster cathedral the same?

No - Westminster Abbey is an Anglican church located near the Houses of Parliament and used by the British Royal Family for coronations since 1066, while Westminster Cathedral is a Catholic house of worship on Victoria Street dedicated to the "Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ".

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