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What DVD maker would work on Windows 8 pro?


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i have an windows 8 pro and i just have a windows movie maker

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Windows movie maker allows you to create movies of your own from your camera or other sources of media. Windows DVD maker allows to take the movies you make and publish them onto a DVD.

You can google "download windows DVD maker" and you will come up with tons of options for downloads. You could also try a different DVD maker program.

No. You can't use Windows DVD Maker to upload videos with. But you can upload videos to YouTube using Windows Live Movie Maker.

save them then use windows DVD maker to make the DVD

No. Windows DVD Maker maxes up and limits to 999 pictures, Windows DVD Maker says that you can only do 999 pictures because it says 999 pictures is enough

When you have finished your project and wish to burn it to DVD using Windows Movie Maker, click on DVD under the Publish/Finish category in the left side menu. This will open up Windows DVD Maker and you can burn your project by following the instructions in DVD Maker.

You can't copy movies from a DVD without DVD decrypting software. It can't be done with Windows Movie Maker.

Click once on the "DVD" option in the "Publish to" area of the "Task" section to burn your material to DVD. Click once on the "OK" button on the warning box that pops up advising you that Windows will launch Windows DVD Maker. Click once on the "Next" button on Windows DVD Maker. You will notice your project in the "Name" section of the Windows DVD Maker screen. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD burner. If you don't, the program will prompt you to do so. Click once on the "Burn" button on "Windows DVD Maker." Click once on the "Close" button when the DVD has finished burning. You can also choose to create another copy

You need a DVD-RW disk to burn the Windows Movie Maker file to before it can be played in at DVD player.

Windows DVD Maker is a feature you can use to make DVDs that you can watch on a computer or on a TV using a regular DVD player. The quickest way to make a DVD is to add pictures and videos in Windows DVD Maker, and then burn your DVD. If you want to get creative, you can customize the DVD menu style and text before you burn the DVD.

Im not sure if its different on any other versions of windows, but on windows 7 you save the movie for the computer. Then windows dvd maker recognises the file type. You are then able to add a menu to the movie. Hope this helps :) ♥

They need to added to the audio track on Windows Movie Maker. The completed movie can then be burned to the DVD. Completed DVD's need to be ripped back from the disc to a format you can edit and work with, with a program such as Handbrake.

windows movie maker then windows dvd maker :) not sure about the iso files still figuring that 1 out! not a genius or computer wiz at all :) good luck

I would have to say something is corrupt with the files on the DVD or you do not have a DVD compatible drive on your computer.

DVD format is not supported by windows movie make. If you want to load DVD to it, you have to convert DVD to windows movie maker compatible format like mp4, wmv, etc. If you want a step by step tutorial, you can check the link in the related links below.

No. Windows DVD Maker limits up to 99 videos and 99 movie files get imported that way you can't put 100 videos on it

Once your project is Published/Finished in Windows Movie Maker, you can burn it to DVD using Windows Media Player. (Note: The computer must have a DVD drive installed on it).To burn your Published/Finished Movie Maker video onto DVD:> Open Windows Media Player (Start, All Programs, Windows Media Player)> Click on Burn, then Data CD or DVD (top menu)Follow the Burn instructions provided.

there is one built into windows and to be honest its not that bad. it in the acssessories folder and its called windows DVD maker

Windows DVD Maker is an useful application that is available on premium versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista that allows computer users to turn their own home movies into DVDs that will play on any DVD player. This program is considered to be very easy to operate and offers users the ability to make DVDs out of video files in nearly all of the most common video formats. However, Windows DVD Maker is a fairly simple application that does not offer most of the features that come with the commercial DVD formatting software available on the market. Here is an inside look at what you need to know about Windows DVD Maker. One feature that separates Windows DVD Maker from the more popular commercial DVD burning software is that it requires no technical knowledge to operate. Windows DVD Maker uses an interface that is very similar to the Aero Wizard interface that most computer users are familiar with. This application walks users through the process of burning a DVD by asking them to answer some simple questions, none of which are technical in nature. Finally, the application asks the user to select the video file that they want to burn onto a DVD, and Windows DVD Maker takes care of the rest once the user is finished. While there is no doubt that Windows DVD Maker takes much of the guess work out of burning a DVD, more advanced users will find that the application does not offer some of the features that they are accustomed to using from commercial programs. For example, Windows DVD Maker does not give users very many options when it comes to customizing the menu screen of their DVD. This application does provide users with the ability to choose from a handful of templates and choose their own background image, but that is about it. Windows DVD Maker has a limited number of features that allow users to select scenes and transitions, but the editing functions offered by this application are dwarfed by most of the other DVD burning programs on the market. However, Windows DVD Maker is still an excellent program for individuals who simply want to burn some basic DVDs of their favorite home movies and photos.

You have to use windows movie maker and windows DVD maker. Both comes with WIndows.

First, import your pictures into Windows Movie Maker. Add them to the Time-line or Storyboard.Then click View, Tasks to enable the Task pane. Choose DVD from the left-side menu. A window will appear telling you Windows Movie Maker will close and open DVD Maker. Follow instructions on naming and saving, then click Ok. DVD Maker will now open with the movie (you just created) visible in the viewing pane. Make sure there is a DVD in the drive and click Burn.

First you have to Publish/Finish the movie in Windows Movie Maker. Once that is done (and you've created a wmv file) you can burn it to DVD using your DVD Maker.

you have to get a different program that can do it, then import it from there.

You need video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker to create video. While version 2.6 Movie Maker program is bundled with Windows software, Windows Live Movie Maker is not (but can be downloaded online for free).Windows Movie Maker also features a Burn to DVD option too.

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