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What Describes a person as a team player?

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A Team PlayerI think a team player would be described as a person that doesn't take credit for all the team effort and works together with his or her teamates to find the awnser to solve the problem.
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Define a good team player?

A good team player will listen to the ideas and needs of every person on the team. They will not have to be the star. They will be able to work together and problem solve.

Why do you like to join our team?

l belive l am an honest person and a good team player and will alsomake positive contibutions to the team.

A word to describe a person who describes people?

'Descriptor' is the name for a person who describes a person.

What does mean to be Team player?

to be a team player, means that within your group, respect eachother, 'take one for the team,' and be a great person. And it means that you need to be able to work well with ohers ofcorse

Is there a special person on a soccer team to do penalty shots?

no you can pick any player

Why does one player on volleyball team wear a different color shirt?

The person with the different colored shirt is usually the best defensive player on the team, and us called the libero.

Why does every volleyball team have a player wear a different color than the rest of the team?

That specific person is the "labaro", or the person that mostly got the digs from the other teams spike:)

Who is the fastest player on the redsox baseball team?

Jacoby Ellsbury is definitely the fastest person.

What describes cowboys?

America's team.

What word describes a person with a muscular body?

Buff is a word that describes a person with a muscular body.

What do you call a word that describes where a person is from?

A word that describes where a person is from could be the person's origin or hometown.

What adjective describes a person?

Attractive person,

โ€œ Which of these describes an autocracy โ€œ A+ The government is ruled by one person?

The government is ruled by one person

What does the letter C mean on the uniform of a professional football player?

It means that person is a Captain on the team.

Are you a team player or a team leader?

of course you are a player

Who is the cricket player?

Any person who plays as part of a cricket team is a cricket player. He can be a batsman, bowler, wicket keeper, fielder etc.

What is the title of the seventh player on an indoor volleyball team?

It is the Libero and that person can only play the back row.

What does a player do to get a team foul?

You have to hit that person doing it on purpose or might be on accident but that will proably count as a foul.

What qualities in you need improvement to be a team person?

If you are not a team player, it would be the result of placing your own pesonal objectives or needs above those of the team on which you are supposed to be playing. It's really not complicated. If you want to be on the team, find out what the team needs from you, and do it.

Salary for a player of the Italian national team?

When considering a career a person should know the money that may or may not be made. A person can make up a $3.44 million salary as an Italian National Team player.Ê

Who is castolo in in pes 5?

Castolo is a character in the game, not a real person. he is one player in the team you get if you play master league and pick a team that pes5 asembled

How do you get a created player on a created team in madden NFL 10?

First create the team. Then create the player, and when you are asked what team the player will be on, choose your created team

What best describes a genotype?

The alleles that a person has The genes that a person has

Why does a player get thrown out of the faceoff in hockey?

A player is thrown out if one person from their team is trying to get an unfair advantage over the other team. This includes: Moving the stick before the puck is dropped Not placing the stick properly when requested to do so Not placing the body square to the faceoff spot Encroachment into the faceoff circle by a teammate. When thrown out, another player from the team must take the faceoff, usually that person is not as skilled

What is another word for team player?

What is another word for Team Player?