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there is kickn it and jessie


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is there disney channel auditions in miami

There are various auditions held throughout the year. As of September of 2014, there are currently no Disney channel auditions in Louisiana.

Yes, there are not currently auditions for Disney Channel, Disney XD, or Disney Junior at this time.

the disney channel studios dah

No You Never Ever Pay To Be In Disney Channel Auditions.

Yes. They are actually holding auditions now- you can find auditions by going to auditioning websites.

you can kick rocks and go to Disney channel

Yes there was at a hotel in Michigan they did the auditions in the ballroom.

to get famous on Disney channel you have to keep searching in the computer to see when they have auditions for Disney channel maybe when a new show begins they might have auditions like that is how DEBBIE RYAN got famous.

are there any open Disney channel auditions for 11-13 in Toronto

there are loads of auditions for Disney channel. check out this link its to audition for the suite life on deck! Hope this help you!!!!!

What is the number to Disney channel singing audition

If you want to become an actor or actress all you have to do is look for "Disney Auditions."

a Disney channel talent is someone that helps you find auditions for Disney

You could get an agent and if your home is in America look for any auditions that are for Disney channel and go

Dear all who ask this question, disney channel auditions are held in america. And belive me i have been waiting some monthes for an audition in the uk. from katie

Yes, I'm pretty sure there are. You just have to go on the internet and find out where auditions are for Disney channel shows and you have to go down to wherever they are having the auditions.

As far as I know there are no Disney channel auditions in Raleigh, NC. I'm also from NC and I am always on the lookout for new auditions. Your best bet is to search for Disney channel auditions and click on the first link. This will tell you auditions that are taking place and they will ask you to send them a head shot, resume, and cover letter. I've done this several times.

You either need to get an agent, and he/she will tell you when auditions are. Or you need to look them up.

No most of auditions are held in califoria

Probably in Hollywood, California

Well you can't audition for Disney channel itself, but you can audition for one of their new shows in America.

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