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The Chinese Water Dragon also eats a large and varied amount of foods. Chicken, prawns, beef, moths, insects, egg the list is endless. They will eat what they fancy.

Of course you need to make sure that you vary the diet otherwise vitamin deficiency will occur.

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It would eat fish, sharks, swimmers, and any other kind of meat it could find.

actually that would be a mythical water dragon(sea serpent)i believe they are talking about a real water dragon, a lizard of a type, and they eat small insects, worms, mosquito larvae, and even small bits of fruit sometimes.

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Q: What Does A Chinese Water Dragons eat?
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Do Chinese Dragons eat?

yes people

Can Chinese water dragons live with tokay geckos?

The Chinese water dragons cannot live with the Tokay geckos because they will feast on them.

Do Chinese dragons eat monkeys?

yes they are hairy

What vegetables do Chinese water dragons eat?

Do not feed your dragons iceberg lettuce, celery or cucumber as they contain no nutritional value and they can get addicted to iceberg. the best thing to feed them veg wise is kale, mustard greens, green beans, sweet potato, yellow squash and occasionally carrot. you could also try them on strawberries and blueberries but not many Chinese water dragons eat fruit unless you gut feed there insects with it. hope this helps

How long do Chinese dragons live?

Chinese Water Dragons can live up to approximately 15 years

Do Chinese water dragons eat darkling beetles?

They can, but there is less nutritional value. In order for your water dragon to get what it needs, meal worms are usually the best.

Do Chinese water dragons squirt water?

No, chinese water dragon do not squirt water. Chinese dragons are based on a legend in China, which was 5 dragons were helping a villiage that river went dry. They scouped up water from a lake with their mouth, and spraied it over the village. The chinese gods were so angry, that he had them killed. So, instead of being killed, the dragons turned into riverz, which are now the 5 great rivers of china

What are facts about Chinese water dragons?

They like to eat goldfish,mealworms.and rats.They love swimming in the water.And they are very kool creatures.!

Do Chinese water dragons sleep?

yes as much as we do

What does a Chinese Dragon eat?

Dragons in Chinese culture are portrayed as gods, deitys, etc. and would probably not "eat" anything.

Are Chinese bearded water dragons good with kids?

If they are tame

Do Chinese Water Dragons hear?

yes, very well