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What Does Gay Mean For A Girl?


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The word gay is usually used for homosexual men. For women the word lesbian is used.That means they fall in love with other women and not men.


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No. You are only gay if you are a girl who is sexually attracted to other girls.

Not that doesn't mean she gay. She is only gay if she's sexually attracted to other girls.

if she's a gay girl, and by gay you mean homosexual, then changes are she doesn't like any guys.

it just means that you are gay it just means that you are gay

It means she is transsexual.or a gay

Be another gay girl that that gay girl wants to get with

It either means that she is gay or she is trying to be sexy.

Yes, it is called homosexuality meaning you like the person of the same sex. GIRL-GIRL, GUY-GUY. The word gay used to mean happy.

It means that she is sexually attracted to other girls.

fish means a girl or girly .

Of course not! Just because the poor guy is girl shy does not mean that he is gay. He actually has a girlfriend.

If you mean "can a girl love a gay guy", then it isn't healthy too, they should most definitely move on because once most guys are officially gay they cant turn back. I think girls fall for gays because of their fear of commitment or because they know that there wont be anymore left to do in the relationship. BUT if you mean can a girl love a gay girl then yes if the girl is sure she is bisexual or lesbian

It means she is either transgendered, or she is teasing you.

Male gay is a guy and a guy female gay is girl and girl

Depends on what you mean by "acts gay." If you mean "acts like a girl" he may be gay or he may be straight. A lot of gay guys don't "act gay" at all. The only thing that makes a person gay is of all or nearly all of their sexual fantasies are about people of the same sex!

It's a silly expression that means she likes guys.

In its English term, 'gay' means happy. In current slang, gay can mean anything from something you don't like, to girls liking girls, however it is defined as GUYS liking GUYS. Girls liking girls is called lesbian- officially.

I would most likely think he is GAY. It dont mean sh*t if he is married or have a girl. Look at how gay he looks now. So I would Say YES he is GAY!

are you a guy or girl? if you a guy and you have a guy on your mind your gay and if its a girl you like her. if your a girl vise-versa

гей девушка gei Devoushka gay girl

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