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The Latin word rex means "king". Derived words include: regal, region, reign, sovereign, realm, etc.

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Q: What English words are derived from the Latin word for horse?
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How many English words are derived from Greek and Latin language?


What percentage of English vocabulary is derived from Latin and Greek?

It is estimated that about 60% of the English vocabulary is derived from Latin and about 5% from Greek. This means roughly two-thirds of English words have a Latin or Greek origin.

Give me some English words derived from the latin word primus'?

primary, prime

Copyright is derived from which Latin word?

It's derived from the English words copy and right; in the most basic sense, it is the right to copy.Copy is from the Latin copia, an abundance (as in copious), and right is from the Latin rectus.

What is the meaning of the Latin name Equisetum arvense?

The genus name Equisetum is derived from the Latin words equus, meaning horse, and seta, meaning bristle.

What is the Latin root of 'equus'?

'Equus' itself is the root word. But its beginning letters equ- make up the root part from which all Latin words referring to horses are derived. It's connected with, but not derived from, the Greek word 'hippos' for 'horse'.

List of Latin words in English?

Approximately 60% of our words are derived from Latin (mainly through Old French), so an enumeration would be too tedious.

What connection does the English language have with spanish?

Many words in both languages are derived from the same Latin root woods.

What is a hummingbird's Latin name?

logradic ? Family: Trochillidae

What language made its way into the English language through the roman empire?

Latin derived words made their way into English through the Roman empire.

What are Old English words for ''victory?

There is no Old English word for "victory", it did not appear until Middle English and was derived from the Old French virtorie and the Latin word victoria.

What are some Roman words we use today?

The language of the Roman Empire is called Latin. There are many words of Latin that are still in use. Stadium, bonus, magnum are examples. Also bear in mind, many words of English are derived from Latin even if they are not actually Latin.