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What Ethernet standard will supply power?


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Any that use a Cat 5 or better twisted pair cable

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Yes. A Cat-5 line can be used to supply power to certain Ethernet Switches that support POE, or Power Over Ethernet.

The standard which is considered to be the Ethernet standard is the 802.3az standard. The 100VG-AnyLAN or 802.12 has also become a common Ethernet standard.

No, the standard Ethernet cables can have up to 100 meters.No, the standard Ethernet cables can have up to 100 meters.No, the standard Ethernet cables can have up to 100 meters.No, the standard Ethernet cables can have up to 100 meters.

802.3 is the IEEE standard for Ethernet devices and data managment

Cheap computers will have a 200 and 300 Watt power supply. Better computers will have at least a 500 W power supply.

AT Power Supply - still in use in older PCs.ATX Power Supply - commonly in use today.ATX-2 Power Supply - recently new standard.

Any standard ATX power supply will work great with the Sun 9641A.

Cooler Master HAF-932 is a standard ATX case. You can use any standard ATX power supply. Remeber to to have enough power to the components used.

The standard for fiber-optic Ethernet transmittion is 802.3ae

802.11 is the IEEE standard governing wireless networking. 802.3 is the IEEE standard that governs all forms of Ethernet media

There is no standard length in the USA. Power cord lengths and wire size vary based on the place it will be used, and what it will be powering.

More information needed - is it a network cable (ethernet) or a 2-phase power supply (unlikely) . .

802.1 Actually, I think the answer is 802.3.

Input would be 120v at 60hz. Standard US wall power.

The current standard is 802.11n which is 160 Mbps is faster than Fast Ethernet 100Mbps

You can use CAT 5 ethernet cable or the higher grade CAT 6

Yes, you can use the power over ethernet for the USB ports.

the blue lead is the display lead (VGA) the power supply and you might have an ethernet cable (grey one, for internet) the ethernet cable is for the internet if you computer isnt wireless or if you want better connection the VGA is to connect to a computer screen or any external display the power lead is for power.

It's can supply power from the computer to devices.

It can supply power from the computer to devices.

No, tower cases do not always come with a power supply. Sometimes they come with a standard one, but many people prefer to choose their own.

A standard ethernet cable.

The ATX power supply and AT power supply had different connections for the computer motherboard. Also the ATX power supply had provision for some parts of the power supply to be switched on-and-off by the electronics on the motherboard, possibly under the control of software. With an AT power supply it necessary for the user to physically operate a switch. This control feature means that a computer that has an ATX power supply can provide, for example, a "wake-on-LAN" or "wake-on-modem" feature whereby the computer will switch itself on if their a signal on the ethernet cable or modem cable. If necessary it should be possible to adapt an ATX power supply to replace an AT power supply. This could be done by finding an adapter cable. The mother board cable from the ATX power supply would then plug into the adapter cable and the adapter cable would plug into the motherboard.

i have a question? in the earthing system should we connect the negative pole of supply to the earth for example a +24 power supply?

In North America, Japan and some of northern South America, standard power supply is within 10% of 120V at 60Hz in Europe, Australia, most of South America, Africa and Asia, and New Zealand it's 230V at 50 Hz.

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