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What Fort did the Americans capture without firing a shot?

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Fort Ticonderoga.

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What fort did the Americans capture during the Revolutionary War without firing a shot?

Fort Ticonderoga.

How did the capture of Fort Vincennes help the Americans?

The capture of Fort Vincennes helped the Americans because now the Americans controll the Ohio River Valley which now called "The West".

What fort did the patriots capture without a drop of bloodshed in 1775?

Fort Tinconderoga

What city did the Americans capture without firing a shot?

Santa Fe during the Mexican American War and although not truly a "city", the most significant capture of an objective without firing a shot was the Fort of Ticonderoga by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold. Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill) battles had just occurred and the fort was away from those hostilities. The American forces crept up to the fort, entered it and captured the commanding officer of the garrison before he knew what was happening. The City of Trenton, was taken by a surprise attack, but there was fighting. The commander of the Hessian forces was shot and killed.

What was the importance of the Firing on Fort Sumter?

The firing at Fort Sumter marked the beginning of the Civil War.

When did Capture of Fort Ticonderoga happen?

Capture of Fort Ticonderoga happened on 1775-05-10.

How many Americans died after Fort Ticonderoga?

None of the American died during the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga because the British were caught off guard and they were all captured.

Why was the capture of Fort Vincennes important for the Americans?

this capture was important to the Americans because of the trick George Rogers Clark pulled on the British , having his men yell and scream as they attacked the fort, making his army look bigger.The British surrendered(don't know how to spell that someone please fix it.) quickly.

Did george rogers clark capture fort pitt?

George Rogers Clark did not capture Fort Pitt. During the Siege of Fort Pitt, the Cree tried to capture it, but the British prevailed.

The firing on what fort began the civil war?

Fort Sumter

What was the outcome of americans to attack fort Ticonderoga?

The capture of the Fort Ticonderoga was the first American victory and gave Continental Army a strong and an important morale boost through the development of the conflict.

What fort did George Rogers Clark capture?

Fort Sackville

Why was the initial capture of Fort Ticonderoga so important to the Americans?

It was one of the first victories for the American colonists, and the cannon captured from Fort Ticonderoga provided the Continental Army with artillery with which to continue the war.

Where did the Americans capture guns and cannons witch later drove the British from Boston in 1776?

Henry Knox arrived with fort cannons from Ticonderoga.

Which fort did Zachary Taylor capture in northern Mexico?

it was fort veracruz

Why did green mountain boys capture Fort Ticonderoga?

They wanted to capture the artillery

What were Union casualties in the capture of Fort Donelson?

In the course of the Union capture of Confederate Fort Donelson, the Union casualties came to 2,300 soldiers.

Who won fame with the capture of fort donelson and fort Henry?

U.S. Grant

What fort on lake Ontario did french general montcalm capture?

Fort Niagara

Which fort did the Green Mountain Boys capture in New York?

Fort Ticonderoga.

What year was the firing on Fort Sumter?


When did the capture of Fort Ticonderoga occur?


Which fort did Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys capture?

Fort Ticonderoga, or fort "Ti" as the colonist called it

What was the name of the french fort that Washington wanted to capture?

The fort that George Washington created was fort Necessity and it was sexy

What year was firing on fort Sumter?

April 1861

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