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he bulk of the answer goes tho - it's probably what you achieve once in the force that matters most, irrespective of what educational qualifications you have. Obviously doing well there won't harm you, particularly as to get any further up, you are likely to have to study/take exams relevant to what you want. Given that you will probably have to to that, I don't think it really matters (aside from maybe being intelligent as opposed to practical = ie, maths instead of woodwork) what exams you do.

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you will need to complete courses in science (Biology and chemistry) and mathematics but the more GCSEs you do the more qualifications you will receive so don't focus on just science and maths. languages are good to take if you are planning to work abroad.

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you would need- double science or more (A-B)

- math's(A-B)

- two languages (A-C)

plus possibly geography or physiology.

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science (especially important), maths and English at grade C or above.

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Q: What GCSE's are needed to be a forensic detective?
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