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You need a 4.0 to get into Yale

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Q: What GPA do you need to get into theater studies at Yale University?
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How many letters of recommendation do you need to get into Yale University?

you need at least 3 recommendations for yale

What are requirments you need to get into Yale?

my contry is poor i need to studies can you help me?

What's the best route to take for Yale university store?

In order to get to the Yale university store, you first need to get to New Haven. The best way to get directions to the store would be to consult the Yale university website at

Do you need a letter of recommendation to get into Yale University?

A letter from a congressman would be effective in admissions.

How about IELTS requirements to enter yale university?

Yale does its own test of English. But if you are faculty you do not need to know any English at all, you can just teach as you feel comfortable.

What classes do you need to take to get into Yale University?

The most challenging at your school will probably help your case the most...

What is the minimum GPA requirement to get into Yale University?

There is none! Just take tough classes and get the best grades you can.(To the person who posted before me: there is no honors program at Yale, and all money is need-based, not merit-based).

What can you study at Yale University?

Everything that involves medicine which is stupid because you need a variety to choose from other wise you will get boxed in on what you have to learn.

What are the exact requirements to get into the human resource of Yale University?

All you need to know is the address. The Human Resources Department is open to visitors at its public reception desk.

What GPA and sat scores do you need to get into Yale university?

your SAT scores must total to about a 1500 and your GPA should be about a 1.9 you'll probs get in with those grades

About how much does it cost to go to Yale university?

For the 2007/08 Academic Year Tuition - $34,530 Room and Board - $10,470 Books, Personal Expenses, Travel - $3,300 Total Cost = Approximately $48,300 Yale does offer need-based financial aid.

What percentage of Yale students are on scholarships?

Yale does not offer merit-based scholarship and instead awards students assistance based upon demonstrated financial need. According to the Financial Aid Office, over half of Yale's undergraduate population receives financial aid from the university.

Why has the presence of the speaker of the house and the senate president pro tempore in the line of succession been questioned by Akhil Amar of the yale university?

please i have test i need it before Tuesday

What do you need to become a civil engineer?

You need to pursue studies at any Engineering College or University and get the Degree in Civil Engineering to become a Professional Civil Engineer.

Could you still be a dentist if you study in a community college or do you have to study in university?

You can start your studies in a community college, but will need to finish at the university level, as well as attend Dentistry college.

Which branch of govorment studies laws?

Governments make and enforce laws, they do not intrinsically study them. To study law you need to go to a University.

How many credit do you need to take a Master of science?

It depend upon the name and fame of the college and university from where you are getting your studies. If it is the top most college and university than it will be upto 34 to 44 %.

What kind of grades do you need to play sports for yale?

all a+ or a's

Does the school Yale have hairdressing classes?

Hairdressing is a great career. You need to have extensive training and certification to become a hairdresser. The school of Yale does not have a hair dressing course. You will need to go to a trade school for this training.

Do you need to take admission exams to go to Yale University?

Yes, admissions exams are required. For Yale, you need to take either the ACT or the SAT Reasoning Test with 2 additional SAT II subject tests. However, whichever route you choose to take, the ACT of SAT route, you will need to submit ALL your scores from all test dates. Failure to do so can be seen as dishonesty and grounds for dismissal of your application.

How can I get an abroad studies guide?

Every university has a different set of foreign universities with which it does study abroad exchanges. As a result, you would need to petition your particular university's foreign studies department for information about possible study abroad opportunities.

How do you go Yale? have to be very intelligent and not someone who thinks: " Oh, I have a D in Math that should pass me for the year. "NO!!!!!!!!! You need to be dedicated to working hard and you have to have at least an A average....well maybe not an A but at least A's and B's. So if that answered your question.....GOOD! Now you know what it takes to go to such a privileged college as Yale University. -Caitlin

What GPA point do you need to enter yale?

Most students have 4.0 's.

How do you contact yale university?

You need to contact their 'Office of Public Affairs' staff. To reach them you can call (203) 432-1345 or email them at Their open 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Does the school Yale offer helicopter piloting?

No, I do not believe that Yale does not offer schooling in helicopter piloting. At least not from the information that I have read. I believe that you would need to attend an aviation school.