What Gift ideas begin with the letter d?

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dress,doll,doll ouse,doll shoes,dart,.
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What are some gifts that begin with the letter A?

Artwork Action figure Ax Art supplies Apple Acorn Adder (although this would probably only be a good gift for a snake aficionado) Aquamarine Amethyst Action/Adventure books Alpaca Aesop's Fables Azaleas Antwerp diamond (reaching a little) Arctic cruise Alaskan Cruise ( Full Answer )

Gifts that start with the letter d?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend! Some more modest gifts stating with D are: . daffodils . doll . dumptruck . dress . drum set . doggie, maybe a nice dalmatian, or a dachshund, or a doberman . day at the beach . day in the mountains . day at the spa . day at the races . devil's food cak ( Full Answer )

What are some gifts that begin with the letter Q?

Quiet Time -A bookstore gift card, spa certificate, etc I can think of one answer: quail , it's an old time ink pen that was used in George Wahington's time , they would dip it in ink every time they needed to write a word.

What gifts begin with the letter O?

Gifts that begin with the letter O: Oddities Oils - bath oils; essential oils Old-fashioned shawl Old-time music selections Online gift certificate Olive Garden gift certificate Opal jewelry Origami Original artwork, even your own Oriental gift; oriental rug Organ Organic foods Outdoor items Outerwe ( Full Answer )

Fancy dress ideas beginning with the letter A?

Arachnid. Albatross. Arab. Apple. Angel. Angle. Atlantic Ocean. Atlas. Annie 'the Musical'. Abraham Lincoln. Alaska. Alanis Morisette. Adder. Antony (Mark). Asda. Aphrodite. Artist. Aslan. Ahab (and the whale). Ariel the Mermaid. Agoraphobic guy. Average Man or Woman, Alcohol. Alcoholic. Amadeus Moz ( Full Answer )

Gift exchange ideas that begin with letter C?

Cookies in a Jar. Gifts in a jar are trendy. Cookies in a jar, or a cookie mix in a jar are two possible type of gifts in a jar. You can put this type of gift together yourself and save a lot of money. When you buy these types of gifts in gourmet specialty stores, they are pricey, but its easy to do ( Full Answer )

What are some gifts that begin with the letter C?

Cat . Cacultor . Camera . Cell phone . Conditioner (for hair) . Camera . Cat . Clock . crystal (fine glassware). camera. cash Craddle . Cash. Car. Checkers. Chess. Caranium(boardgame). Columbo Season_. Cheveron Cars(toys). Cards(playing). Card condom

What gifts begin with the letter n?

Night vision goggles, necklace, nailpolish, Nike sneakers, necktie, night light, Nintendo games,nightgown, North Face jacket, nerf toys, Nautica watch, note cards,Notepad and novel are gifts.

What are some gifts that begin with the letter V?

vacation . vacuum cleaner . Valentine's candy . vanilla...cake (etc.) . video . vinyl record, jacket... video games Vera Bradley handbag, video camera, vacation, vacuum cleaner, vase, vehicle, videogames, volleyball, vest, violets, vodka, violin and vanity set aregifts.

What are some gifts that begin with the letter E?

Here are some gifts that begin with the letter E: . Eagle . Ear . Early . Ear muffs . Easter . Easy . Eat . Eek . Eevee . Egad . Eggs . Eight dollars . Elephants . Elf . Elk . Emeralds . Emery boards . Ending . Enter . Entity . Envelope . Ermine . Euro . Europa . Evian . ( Full Answer )

What are some gifts that begin with the letter F?

Here are some gifts that begin with the letter F: . Fuzzy slippers . Firecrackers . Formalwear . Fawn (if you are equipped to raise deer) . Friendship bracelet . Funny card . Flip phone . Fire truck (toy, but it would be a super cool gift to give oneto a Fire Depot) . Family time ( Full Answer )

Idea begin with the letter you?

The invention of the umbrella and the underwater camera were ideas. They begin with the letter u.

What are some gift ideas that begin with the letter 'n'?

Nail polish, Nail file, Notepad, Necklace, Notebook, Noodles and Company Gift Card, Necktie, or Nothing Sources http://www.promotionalmerchandiseusa.com/dir/cat_n.asp http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081119094541AAeqIvP And there are questions like the one you asked on Answers.com I go ( Full Answer )

Gifts that begin with the letter M?

· magazine subscription · membership in health club · Merlot · microscope · moccasins · money · monopoly game · motorcycle · mug

Gift ideas that start with letter a?

Personalized Notebooks with the letter A on them Apple Products Applebees Giftcard AIDS Armani Exchange Clothes Airline Tickets Aerosmith Tickets Age of War Android Phone

What are some gift ideas that begin with the letter W?

Wine and a watch are gift ideas. Additional ideas are a wok or a waffle iron.Wine! Wicker basket, wood, woodchuck, wax candle, wax-wrapped cheese, wrapping paper, wool, wool sweater... there are all sorts of ideas.

Gifts that begin with the letter i?

Iguana Icecream lipgloss, makeup, machine, etc. Igloo snowglobe Icecycle lights Idiot Jokes Idiotic Books Internet access Intertwined things Inns

What are gifts that begin with the letter A?

· alarm clock · aluminum baking pans · animal (cat, dog, parrot, etc.) · anklet · answering machine · Apple iPod · Apples to Apples game · appliances · apron · artwork · automobile

Ideas that begin with the letter C?

Some ideas that start with the letter C are: . cartoon characters . clothing designs . construction projects . chemical formulas . composing music . charitable event planning . cooking . campaigns for products or candidates . celebration planning

Gifts that begin with the letter o?

Organic gifts like an organic T-shirt, organic blanket, organic cosmetics Eau (pronounced 'O') de Cologne ;-)

What gifts begin with letter 'U'?

Gifts that begin with the letter 'U' might include: . Ukulele . Ulysses S. Grant Biography . Ultrasound first film image of a new fetus given to the parents . Unisex holiday socks with reindeer on them

Gifts that begin with letter s?

· sandals · scarf · scotch · shirt · shoes · skateboard · soccer ball · socks · subscription to magazines

What are some gifts that begin with the letter U?

The obvious answer is umbrella, but there is another way to look at the question. It could be a descriptive term like an unusual gift, an ugly gift, or even an untimely gift. But there's also another one a bit more rare, the unbirthday gift. A member of our family was born on December 25th and alwa ( Full Answer )

Where do you get the idea of gifts from?

I find inspiration in a myriad of places. First I might just look at the person and think about something that would look good on them. I might think of something they need. Sometimes television inspires me. Most of the time I go online and find all sorts of gift ideas.

What gifts begin with letter i like iPad?

Iguana is the only one I can think of. And igloo. And Istanbul, although you would have to be very rich to give the whole city as a gift.

What bridal shower gifts beginning with the letter Y can you buy as a gift?

YSL things (bags, shoes, jewelry), a yo-yo, yellow objects, games starting with 'y' (Yahtzee), a book starting with 'y', yin-yang things, yoga items, yoohoo products, a yukka plant?, a yorkie?, yarn if the person knits, yankee candles, yttrium, and that's about it... sorry!