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Perseus jackson did in fact kill his grandfather.

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Q: What Greek god killed his grandfather with a discus during an athletic event?
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How did perseus kill his grandfather?

Perseus was at the Larissan games. He accidentally threw a discus too far and it hit his grandfather. The impact killed him.

Did Apollo love Hyacinth?

Apollo admired Hyacinth who was very athletic. When Zephyr killed him with a discus, Apollo used the blood to create a beautiful flower.

Which Greek god had a discus?

Apollo accidently killed Hyacinth with a discus.

Who killed danae father?

Perseus. He accidentally threw a discus that killed Acrisius, Danae's father.

Was Perseus nice?

Well, he killed monsters and rescued maidens in distress, however with Medusa's head he turned King Polydektes to stone, then travelled to his grandfather's kingdom to claim the throne. The old man fled, and was later accidentally killed by Perseus at some Games with an awry discus throw.

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What did Lincoln's grandfather get killed by?

he was shot by an Indian

Who killed Lincoln's grandfather?

Abraham Lincoln's grandfather, also named Abraham, was killed in May 1786 in an ambush after working in the field with his three sons.

Did the god Apollo dye?

In Greek mythology, Apollo was killed while practicing discus throwing with one of his lovers, Hyacinth. A jealous Zephyrus (god of the west wind) blew his discus off course and it struck Apollo in the head, instantly killing him. By the way, the word DIE has no "Y". It was Hyacinth that got killed by the discus not Apollo. Apollo being a god was immortal.

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