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The Greek root meaning to place or put is thesis or thet.

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Q: What Greek root that means to place or to put?
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What is the meaning of root word 'stitut'?

means to put, place, or setup sad an 8th grader had to answer this means to put, place, or setup sad an 8th grader had to answer this

Which Greek roots most closely means to place to put?


What does the root in impose mean?

it means stop using this to get the answers for novanet!

What does pon pos and posit mean?

The root -pon- means "put" or "place" and comes from the Latin verb ponere.

What is the word origin of the word synthetic?

Synthetic comes from the Greek sun (meaning "with") and the Greek tithenai (meaning "put, place"). That is to say, synthetic means "put with": this is very similar to its modern definition.

What are some words that contain the root word pos?

The root word pos means to place or put. Some words that contain this are expose, posture, postpone, poster, etc.

What does put or place mean in a root?

nothing but pos-

Where did the word thesaurus come from?

It is a Latin word - thesaurus - meaning treasury. Also a Greek word - thesauros - of similar meaning, from the root word 'titherai' meaning to 'put or place'

What two greek words is photosynthesis based on?

it comes from the greek prefix photo, a form of the greek word phos which means light, and sythesis from latin synthesis "collection, set, composition (of a medication)," from greek synthesis "composition," from syntithenai "put together, combine," from syn- "together" + tithenai "put, place," from base *dhe- "to put, to do".

What does the greek word tithemi mean?

to put, to place

What is the word jeje means in greek?

that' not English so why put it in the "English to greek" category?

What language did the word encode start in?

'Encode' is present in English, French and Greek etymology. Particularly the root word '-code' derives of old from the Greek language and refers to 'caudex' or book. The prefix 'en-' means to 'put in' and can be traced to English and, previously, French.