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The word is Elohim (אלהים), but although it looks plural, it is not.

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Q: What Hebrew word for God and is a plural form of god and used in different contexts to emphasize the transcendence of God?
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What is the meaning and the Hebrew name for congregation?

Today it usually refers to a synagogue congregation. In Hebrew: קהילה (Kehillah). In other contexts, the word עדה (Edah) was sometimes used (Numbers 20:1), though its meaning is slightly different.

By what other name is ''Yeshua'' known?

Yeshua was a name of Hebrew origin which was frequently alternated with the name Joshua. The name Yeshua is also used to refer to Jesus in different contexts.

What is the Hebrew word for instruction?

Hora'ah (הוראה). In religious contexts, it could also be translated as torah (תורה)

What is the Hebrew word for parousia?

There is no such word in Hebrew. For Jewish contexts, you could use the word arrival (הַגָּעָה) or appearance (הוֹפָעָה )

Is Hebrew a proper adjective?

Yes, but in modern contexts, it only refers to language. As an ethnic group, the term Hebrew only refers to the Jews of ancient times.

What is the hebrew root word for excellent?

It's not clear if you are asking for the root or the word (those are two different things in Hebrew). The word is metsuyyan (מצוין) The root is צ.י.נ (tsadi, yod, nun)

What does the word kabbalah mean in Hebrew?

kabbalah (קבלה) means "reception" or "lobby. In religious contexts, it means "received (tradition)."

What did the Hebrew cult Yahweh emphasize?

Yahweh is not a Hebrew cult. It's a mistaken transliteration of the 4 consonants of God's name. If you are talking about the Ancient Hebrew religion, it emphasized monotheism (or at least monolatry, which is a forerunner of monotheism), and ethical interpersonal behavior.

What does hallalulia mean?

"Hallelujah" is a Hebrew word meaning "Praise the Lord." It is an expression of joy, gratitude, or praise often used in religious contexts.

What does A look like in Hebrew?

There is no A in Hebrew. Hebrew uses a completely different kind of alphabet, which has no vowels in it.

What does the Hebrew 6 look like?

Hebrew uses the same symbols for numbers that every other language in the world uses. So it would be "6". If you're asking how to say six in Hebrew, it's שש (pronounced shesh). In Jewish contexts, numbers can be written with letters of the Hebrew alphabet. If that's what you're talking about, the answer is the letter vav: ו

How does Hebrew different from synagogue?

Hebrew are the Jews and a synagogue is their place of worship.