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Q: What Human Features are in Switzerland?
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What land features are in Switzerland?

The Alps.

What physical features does Switzerland have?

mountians rivers lakes

What natural features are there in Switzerland?

everything what nature is consists of :)

What is the physical and human features of Baltimore?

what is the physical and human features of baltimore?

What are human features from the Andes Mountains?

What are human features from the Andes Mountains?

What is known as all the human and physical features that make a place unique?

In geography, there are two types of features, natural features and human features. Human features are anything that is built by humans (not something formed naturally). Housing areas and parks are examples of human features.

Has Switzerland violated the declaration of human rights?


What are two human' features of Kentucky?

the two human features are food and clothing and language

What is the difference between human and physical features?

The difference between physical and human features is that physical features are features created by nature, e.g. mountains, and the human features are the features that are man-made, such as architecture. In geographical features, I am not sure about child health, physical features describes the land. Human features describes the culture, homes, jobs, etc. of that area.

What are humans made features?

Human made features are the opposite of natural features. Human features include bridges, roads, buildings, and other types of infrastructure.

What are the five human features of Kenya?

the human features are on wikipedia

What country would you find the following features yodelling the alps skiing?