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Illuminated manuscripts were primarily used for religious texts, such as The Bible, Psalms, or prayer books. They were also used for royal or important legal documents and manuscripts of important literature.

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Q: What Illuminated manuscripts were primarily used to?
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Illuminated manuscripts were primarily used to?

Illuminated manuscripts were primarily used to communicate christian teachings.

Illuminated manuscripts were primary used to?

communicate Christian teachings

What means illuminated manuscripts?

Illuminated manuscripts are brilliantly colored, hand-written books with illustrations.

Which is not typical of illuminated manuscripts?

Illuminated manuscripts refer to when text is accompanied by some form of decorations. This can be a border, initials or pictures.

What created illuminated manuscripts?


Who worked on the illuminated manuscripts?

a scribe

Byzantine art is notable for its?

Early use of bright colors and illuminated manuscripts (apex)

What is special about illuminated manuscripts as opposed to ordinary manuscripts?

Illuminated manuscripts are special as opposed to ordinary manuscripts because they are adorned with silver and gold trim which reflects the light and illuminates the pages. The material is not necessary actually silver and gold, however.

What has the author Phoebe Jo Allender written?

Phoebe Jo Allender has written: 'Illuminated liturgical manuscripts from France, Italy, Spain(XIV-XVIII centuries)' -- subject(s): Catalogs, Catholic Church, Illuminated Manuscripts, Kentucky, Kentucky. University. Libraries, Manuscripts, Illuminated

What are the pictures in medieval illuminated manuscripts called?


What was the Illuminated Manuscript made on?

Illuminated manuscripts were written on vellum, a paper-like material made from the skin of calves, sheep, or goats.

What were the painted books called that monks created in the Middle Ages?

Illuminated manuscripts .