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Q: What Infrared thermometer is best used to measure the temperature?
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What is used in science to measure temperature?

Temperature is measured by means of a thermometer. Various types exist, and scientists would use the type that best suits their particular experiment or project.

What is the correct place to put a thermometer?

You put the thermometer in what you want to get the temperature from. If you want to measure body temperature, the rectum would be the best way to get an accurate reading with an old school thermometer. There are however new thermometers which are as effective in an ear.

What is used to measure heat in the air?

The best is a thermometer, another way to get the temperature outside is to pour water in a bowl, leave it out there for a couple of minutes and then take a thermometer and put it in the water.

How do you test Temperature sensor 1996 v-6 s-1- pickup?

Probably best to compare temp readings from a infrared thermometer and the gauge in the cluster. If the thermometer reads 200-240 degrees and the needle is in the normal range, all is good

Who invented smallest thermometer?

David Phillips invented the first and best infrared thermometer which to your question is the smallest thermometer therefore the answer is DAVID PHILLIPS;P☻☺☻☺

What is the best way to check your temperature?

Using an oral thermometer is the best way to check your temperature.

Why sense of touch is not a reliable technique to measure hotness or coldness?

the best method to check hotness or coldness in a persons body temperature is to use a thermometer.

What thermometer should you not use in the kitchen?

Any thermometer will measure temperature, but a special cooks' thermometer will have a scale meaningful to cooking. A glass (medical?) themometer is best avoided as the glass may break when inserted into a cake, fish, etc. to ensure it is cooked thoroughly.

What is the best way to tell the exact temperature of a cup of water?

Temperature can be measured with a thermometer.

What is the temperature that a resistance thermometer works best at?

0 to 100c

Why should a mother use her lips to see her child's temperature?

That is not an accurate way to measure a child's temperature. The best way is by either a traditional thermometer, or an electronic ear temperature reader. There are also temperature strips that can be applied to the forehead, but these are less reliable.

Why is it best to take temperature readings in the shade?

A thermometer is not kept in direct sunlight because the temperature needed to be recorded by the thermometer is of the air and not the rays of the sun.