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Co. Roscommon

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Q: What Irish county which when translated from Irish means st comans wood?
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What is William translated in Irish?

William isn't an Irish name but the Irish variant is Liam and it means vehement protector.

What is the Irish word for soulmate?

In Irish, anamchara literally means "soul-friend" but is translated into English as "spiritual advisor".

What is the meaning of the name Kerry?

The name Kerry is of Irish origin and means "dark" or "dark-haired." It is also believed to be derived from an Irish place name, referring to the region in Ireland known as County Kerry.

What does the Irish name for co louth mean?

The irish for louth means smaller because louth is the smallest county in Ireland

Is Innti translated into English from Irish anywhere?

If you mean 'inti' it means "in-it" or "in-her". Innti may be an older spelling.

What does fiach mean?

"Fiach" is an Irish word. It means "to hunt", or "the hunter". Sometimes it is also translated as "raven".

What does the name Sullivan mean?

Suil Amhain is Irish for Sullivan. translated back to English it means One Eye

What does o'beara mean?

O'Beara is an Irish surname from the West coast of Ireland that means, translated from Gailic "Son of a Plunderer."

What does Dun na nGall mean in Irish?

Dún na nGall is the Irish name for the county of Donegal. In English it means the fort of the foreigners or the fort of the strangers.

What is 'Ciara' when translated from Irish Gaelic to Italian?

Bruna is an Italian equivalent of the Irish Gaelic name Ciara. The feminine proper name means "dark-haired." The pronunciation will be "BROO-na" in Italian and "KEER-uh" in Irish Gaelic.

What does the name Ben mean in the Irish language.?

'Ben' is not an Irish word and has no meaning in Irish.Benbulbin, sometimes spelt Ben Bulben or Benbulben (from the Irish: Binn Ghulbain), is a large rock formation in County Sligo, Ireland.Beann means 'horn'.

What does Skibbereen mean in Irish?

Skibbereen in Irish means a little boat harbour. Skibbereen is often shortened to just Skibb. Skibbereen in situated in County Cork in the south of Ireland.