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The oldest may have been established in China. Although, degrees are not awarded in the strictest sense like we have today (i.e. B.A., B.S., M.D., Ph.D. diplomas). See link below: Best regards, E.V. Guy


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According to Wikipedia's List of Oldest Schools in the World, the oldest school is the King's School in Canterbury, which was founded in 597 AD. Please see the link below.

the oldest horse in england is 51 i think hes the oldest he was in the news paper

Sheffield F.C. is the oldest football club in England, and the oldest football club in the world. It was founded on October 24, 1857.

The oldest public high school in America is Boston Latin School (founded in 1635), located in Boston, Massachusetts. The oldest high school in the world is disputed to be Shishi Middle School, in China (143-141 BC) (Note: The school ceased to operate for a period before its refounding in 1661. The claim to be the oldest continuous school has therefore been disputed.) The second known school is The King's School, in Canterbury, England (597) but is a private school.

the sweet track causeway in England

The oldest working clock in the world is the turret clock in Salisbury Cathedral, England.

No Sheffield Wednesday is the oldest club playing football in the world

England itself! The oldest things in England are the rocks that make up England's land mass- these date back hundreds of millions of years, to when land first began to form. In ANY nation of the world, these will be the oldest things to be found in that country.

the oldest person in England to be evacuated was a 20 year old boy who was disabled.

It is ENSTA in France, founded in 1741 ...

Stonehendge, England. Dating back thousands of years B.C.

As far as i know is the school i attend to is Saint John High School which was founded in 1805

The Bank of England was founded in 1694. The Bank of England is the second oldest central bank in the world after the central bank of Sweden.

So far as I know, the oldest monument (if by "New World" you mean the US) is a school house in St Augustine, Florida.

The name of the first school built in the world is The King's School. The school was built in the year 597 in England.

Are you serious? We have the oldest monarchy in the world, and it shows no sign of stopping yet.

The oldest purpose built museum in the world is the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford England. Opened in 1683 to house the collection Elias Ashmole gave to the University of Oxford in 1677.

The oldest horse in the world was about 103 yrs old. it was rasied my a farmer in new mexico.

The mountain range that covers Alabama to the New England states is the Appalachians. They are some of the oldest mountains in the world.

I believe Sheffield United are the oldest football club in the world. no they are not . sheffield Wednesday are older but the oldest football club is sheffield fc. there are many clubs older than sheff united.

Avianca. The second oldest in the world. The oldest airline in the Americas

the oldest book in the world is the bible

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