What Is The Origin Of Hear a pin drop?

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On a railroad, a pin drops whenever cars couple together. Sometimes, if the engineer was moving carefully enough, he could hear the pin drop from hundreds of feet away.
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Should you be worried if you have little pin drops of red when you are 6 weeks' pregnant?

Answer . ~~I had a miscarriage 1 1/2 years ago and it was simply slight spotting, and there were no cramps involved. A very quiet and painless miscarriage. I am 7 weeks pregnant again and noticed the same spotting as last time, and it freaked me out! I went in today for an emergency ultrasound a ( Full Answer )

What is pin?

Answer . Personal Identification Number Business » Accounting Personal Identification Number Governmental » Military Personal Identification Number Computing » General Personal Identification Number Governmental » Police Personal Identification Number Computing » Drivers Peop ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the phrase 'pin a rose on your nose'?

Full House ... lols Stephanie Tanner used to say it ... Boy was she cute ... I don't know where it comes from, but it definitely wasn't the '90s show "Full House". "Full House" may have made it famous, but my mother was using that expression back in the '70s. The original expression was "Pin a ( Full Answer )

When you drop a book what happens to its original potential energy?

When you drop a book the original potential energy is convertedinto the kinetic energy, When the book hits bottom the kineticenergy is absorbed by the surface underneath and some is convertedto sound energy. This maintains the law of conservation of energy. the total amountof energy in this universe ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of waiting for the other shoe to drop?

It goes back to the days when wooden buildings had thin ceilings and you could near nearly everything that happened upstairs. When someone took off a shoe and dropped it on the floor, it made a clunk which might startle you -- especially if you were trying to sleep. Then you had to wait for the othe ( Full Answer )

What is the original epayroll PIN for Best Buy?

The information is on the paper you should have received titled andblack bordered "How to set-up your State and Federal Withholding."Surprisingly, this info is not on the subsequent paper titled"Important Info About Your Paycheck!" I would answer more directly, but it may pose a security risk andals ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the expression neat as a pin?

In the early 19th. Century, the development of mass production guaranteed a uniformly high quality and finish of consumer products. Formerly hand-made and thus frequently irregular, now, pins were consistently well made and finished.

What is a drop list hearing in court?

This is a hearing for Attorney's and Pro-Se filers or both, for inactive cases which still have pending motions or other matters within the case which has not been addressed, but sitting on the Courts open cases list. If the Parties cannot give a valid reason for the case to remain open, then all p ( Full Answer )

Who originally patented the safety pin?

The safety pin was originally patented by Walter Hunt of New York.Walter received a patent for the safety pin on April 10, 1849.

A juggler throws a bowling pin into the air with an initial velocity Vi another juggler drops a pin at the same instant compare the accelerations of the two pins while they are in the air?

Since the question is asking you to compare the acceleration after the pins have been released, the only force acting on each pin is gravity. Therefore, the acceleration on both pins is the acceleration due to gravity, or 9.8 m/s 2 towards the earth. Even though one of the pins is being thrown up, ( Full Answer )

Where can you get pins?

you can purchase pins at most fabric shoppes. u r probably talking about game pins u can find them on ds or wii games =)

What did the original hearing aids look like?

here's a smart idea: go to google.com or bing.com or whatever and click on images then type in the search box the original hearing aids im pretty sure you'll find a picture

Does original jurisdiction means to hear a case first?

Yes. The court with original jurisdiction, a trial court, is the first to hear a case and acts as a "trier of fact," examining evidence, listening to witness and expert testimony, and considering attorney arguments. The information is used to decide whether the prosecution (in a criminal trial) has ( Full Answer )

What is the Origin of pin your ears back?

There is some speculation of the origin of the phrase "pin yourears back". Some people think it originates from how animals pintheir ears back when they are in attack mode.

What is the originating case after which the Mapp hearing was named?

Mapp v. Ohio was a landmark US Supreme Court case that incorporated (applied) the Fourth Amendment to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause. The reasoning in the case was similar to that of its forerunner, Weeks v. US, (1914), which established the "exclusionary rule" that no ( Full Answer )

A dropped racquetball will not return to its original position because?

A dropped racquetball will not return to its original position because it is a requirement in the USRA Guidelines that if the racquetball is dropped from 100 inches at a temperature of 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit it must only bounce 68-72 inches. All official racquetballs are made to do this, which is ( Full Answer )

How do you do the pin-drop dance?

pin droppin is simple all u have 2 do is stand straight up put ur ankle right or left foot then just fall forward and land on ur foot and then spin up

Why would a pin float if you just dropped it in water?

Because of surface tension on the top of the water. Surface tension is when the water molecules stick together allowing a small, light object to "float" on the surface. If you genitally pushed on the pin after is settled on the water, you would break the surface tension and the pin would sink.

Why do you never hear anything about the original Nightstalker?

Long before Richard Ramirez was stalking Los Angeles, there was in fact a serial killer on the loose. Murdering in southern and northern California, this stalker killed at least 5 people, including two couples. The killer seems to have started in northern California and later moved south. The case r ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of Drop in the bucket?

More than likely the earliest known usage is about 740-700 BC by the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah 40:15 "Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance:..." (Please edit if someone has an earlier source)

Did you hear about the writer who dropped ten stories?

The question is, Did you hear about the write who dropped ten stories..." It ends, ...into a trash can and lived? This makes sense because a writer writes STORIES. He dropped 10 stories (books) and still lived. Obviously; he didn't drop himself. The stories dropped!

Are pin drops bad for your knees?

No, i mean, it deppends how you do it... if u hurt that means you´re not doing it right, ask for help from a friend or tutorial... your knee must be on top of the other foot, whit out touching the ground :)

How do you drop a pin on Google Earth?

You can add a placemark in Google Earth by clicking Placemark option under the Add menu or the "Add Placemark" button on the toolbar. This will create a new Placemark with the default yellow push-pin icon on the map, which you can move to a new location. For a detailed tutorial and video showin ( Full Answer )

Where did the word pin originate from?

The word pin has the first know usage dating back to the 12th century. The origin is Middle English from the Old English "pinn" possibly from the Latin word "pinna" meaning quill or feather.

How loud is the drop of a pin?

The sound that a pin makes when it drops is dependent on the size of the pin, the height from which it is dropped, and the distance that the listener is from the pin. Typically a pin dropped from a height of 1 cm and where the listener is 1 m away equates to a 15 dB sound level.

What does the idiom could hear a pin drop mean?

It is often used to refer to a tense situation where everyone is very careful and quiet, waiting for what happens next. It indicates that things are so quiet, that if a pin were to drop, it would be heard. It can be when a large group of people are all focussing their attention on something, maybe w ( Full Answer )