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Q: What Janet street porter said when asked to write about big brother?
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Does Zach porter have a sister?

No,he doesn't!he has a brother named Victor Porter (nickname vic)!i would know cause i asked him!

In the mid 1980s what singer asked What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Janet Jackson

In mid 1980's which singer asked what have you done for me lately?

Janet Jackson

IS Janet varney relate do o Jim varney?

No. the actress was asked on Twitter said but he was a great guy!

What did Tracy browning say to aaron porter when she asked her out?

she said i dont know maybe... :3

How do you use the word socialite in a sentence?

Janet asked her friend Sam if she knew a sentence with the word socialite.

How Old is Adam Youngs Brother?

Adam Young is said not to have a brother. i have asked him and he said he has brother. on his twitter he said that he was at his bros wedding, and his blog too. in conclusion he does have a brother

Who was Marie Antoinette brother she asked for help?

The ruler of Austria

What does 'brother's keeper' mean in the Bible?

In Genesis 4 Cain killed his brother Abel. God asked him, "Where is your brother?" Cain replied, "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?" In other words: "Am I his babysitter?"

What if a guy asked you out but you thought of him as a brother?

well tell him that you think of him like a brother and don't want to ruin that kind of bond

How do you get your parents to let you walk down the street?

I asked them if I could, q:

How are my grandchildren related to my brother and sister's children?

If I knew the answer, I wouldn't have asked it!

What relation are your brother's children's children to you?

We asked and got no answer what a waste of time

A question that is asked a lot who is scorpions brother?

Actually Scorpions brothers name is Kuai Liang it is said that he is the older brother of scorpion and scorpion murdered him.ย ย 

Is your brother's friend interested in you if he asked your brother your name when he saw you parking the car?

Hard to say, havent you ever asked a friend what one of their family members names were? I wouldn't over think it unless he makes it his business to get to know you.

Who else has been asked to leave Big Brother besides Chima?

I read that Chima was the first person in the history of Big Brother to be told to leave the show. On Big Brother Two, there was a Houseguest named Justin Sebik, who pulled a knife out at a female houseguest, which he claimed was playfully, however the producer's did not take this lightly, and he was asked to leave the house immediately. That was the first time in Big Brother Show history that someone was asked to leave the house.

What is more appropriate to use to local street?

What is being asked? The question is unclear.

What did the Evremonde twins did to DrManette when he was walking down the street?

they asked (or forced) him to get in to their carriage.

What inspired Jason Derulo to write the song Watcha say?

His brother cheated on his girlfriend so his brother asked him if he could write a song about it.

What did Cain say to god when asked about abel?

i don't know, am I my brother's keeper?

How do you know if your brother has a crush?

What brings you to ask the question? The fact that you asked it suggests that he does!

Who lied to god when he was asked where his brother was?

Cain. KJV

What Harry Potter character saint?

When one of the Weasley twins - I can't quite remember which one - lost his ear, his twin brother asked him how he felt. He answered jokingly that he felt "saint-like". When his brother asked him what he meant, he said that he felt "holey".

Can you give an example of a dumb but funny story?

One day a boy was in school reading a book when he came across the words "Purple Majesty". He went and asked his teacher what it was, as soon as he said those two words he got expelled. So he walked home. When he rang the doorbell his brother asked him why he came home early. He answered: "I was expelled from school by just saying two words." His brother asked, "What two words?" He answered saying, "PURPLE MAJESTY". As soon as he said that, his brother locked him out of the house. When he was walking down the street a policeman asked him, "What are you doing in the streets young man?" He answered, " I was expelled from school and locked out of my house by saying just two words." The policeman asked, "What two words?" He answered saying, "PURPLE MAJESTY". As soon as he said that, the cop took him to the judge. The judge asked him to tell what had happened. He replied, "I was expelled from school and locked out of my house and caught by this policeman by saying two words." The judge asked, "What two words?" He answered saying, "PURPLE MAJESTY". As soon as he said that he was locked up in a cell. He asked his cellmate why he was put in jail, his cellmate said, "For selling drugs." And when the cellmate asked him why he was put in jail he said, "For saying two words, PURPLE MAJESTY." As soon as he said that, the cellmate got so scared he ran out of the cell leaving the door opened. He had a chance to leave. When he was walking in the streets he saw a Buddhist. He asked the Buddhist (because he looked wise), "Where will I find the meaning of PURPLE MAJESTY?" The Buddhist answered, "Go to the grocery store across the street. When you enter turn right then go to aisle 16, from there eat an Oreo and when you do a treasure chest will appear, inside it you will find a dictionary then you will find the meaning." He thanked him and was crossing the street when a bus came by and hit him. The moral of the story: Look both ways before you cross the street. (Also a purple majesty is a potato that is purple inside.)

When did Sherlock Holmes start living at 221b baker street?

When he asked Watson to move in with him.