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Q: What Jonas Brother hates other people wearing his socks?
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Which Jonas brother hates other people wearing his socks?


Who hates the Jonas brother?

People who don't like their sound.

Which Jonas brother hates when people wear his socks?


Does Nick Jonas have a phobia?

Nick hates when other people wearing his socks.

What Nick Jonas hates?

Nick Jonas hates when people wear on his socks, and when people pretend to be him on myspace and aim and programs like that. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~8~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

What Jonas brother likes bananas?

Kevin really hates bananas but I think all the rest are okay with them.

What if your brother hates you inside and outside?

Then your brother really hates you

When will the Jonas brother come to India?

Hopefully Soon Because The US Hates Them, And The US Also Hopes They Stay There Permanantly.

Who hates Nick Jonas?

== == == ==

What are the likes n dislikes of nick Jonas?

He like ginger people. And hates people who wear extremely tight pants. ;)

What is all about Joe Jonas'?

joe Jonas doesnt have an idividual myspace joe Jonas will tell the police to track down all the fake joe Jonas myspace joe Jonas loves girls he hates it when people try to be him on myspace

Does Selena Gomez hate Nick Jonas?

yes she said she hates nick Jonas

What is Nick Jonas favorite coffee?

He hates coffee.

Does Kevin Jonas hates fruit?


Which type of food does Kevin Jonas hate?

The food that Kevin Jonas hates is fruit. He claims he is allergic to fruit. But I've heard he also hates jellied eels

What is Nick Jonas' least favorite sport?

Nick Jonas hates baseball and football

Who hates the Jonas Brothers?

1.The Jonas Brothers suck. Period. 2.i hate the Jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3.I hate them to 4.And me

Nick Jonas least favourite things?


Does Kevin Jonas like bananas?

no!! he hates all fruit!!!

Is Kevin Jonas girlfriend Danielle a Christian?

no she hates god

DoesTaylor Swift hate Nick Jonas?

No, she hates Joe Jonas because she thinks he cheated on her which he didn't

What should you do if your brother girlfriend hates me?

Well first I would have to get a brother.Another answerIf she hates you first tell your brother that he needs to talk to her and if that doesnt work, step to her level and hate her back.

Who hates Matt Hardy?

People who like Jeff Hardy. Matt said he doesn't want Jeff as his brother.

Do the Jonas Brothers have an Emmy?

I wouldn't say ''enemy'' but the Naked Brothers Band hates the Jonas Brothers. AJxx

Is Nick Jonas still in love with Miley Cyrus?

nick hates her