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"Channel" is from canalis, which means "channel" in Latin.

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Q: What Latin word is channel derived from?
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From which Latin word is factory derived?

The word factory is derived from the medieval Latin word factoria. It is also derived from the Latin word factor.

What is the English word for caused by disease derived from a Latin word for disease?

Morbid, derived from the Latin morbus (disease)

What language is the word biscuit derived from?

Latin and the word it's derived from is bis source:Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1

What Latin word is environment derived from?

The Latin word "environment" is derived from "environs," which comes from the words "en," meaning "in" or "around," and "virer," meaning "to surround."

What is Latin word for engineering?

engineer is derived from the latin word: ingenium

Is the word testicle derived from Latin?


What english ADJECTIVE derived from the latin word for island?

The English adjective "insular" derived from the Latin word insula, meaning "island."

What word derived from the latin language meaning those who hear?

The word is "audience." It comes from the Latin word "audire," which means "to hear."

Which language is the word computer derived from?

Latin word

What latin word was virus derived from?

virus is derived from latin virus that mean slimy, poisonous, or toxin.

Is expectation a latin word?

No, it is an English word. It may be derived from a latin root, however.

What is an English word derived from the Latin root meaning to settle?

The English word derived from the Latin root meaning "to settle" is "sedentary."