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Which of these events occurred that allowed Cathy to escape from Wuthering Heights

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Q: What Literary Devices are used in The Old Man and the Sea?
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What are some literary devices in the novel Water for elephants?

One important literary device in the novel is the use of flashbacks, as the story is told through the standpoint of Jacob as an old man.

What are the literary devices used in Old Major's speech from Animal Farm?

rule of three rhetorical questions emotive language hyperbole (deliberately exaggerating) repetition imperatives

What measuring devices did old people used?

The same ones that young people used.

What devices are used in the poem you old dudes?

ryms and sylobal similarities

What are some literary devices in redemption song?

Repetition : "Redemption songs" Oxymoron: "From the bottomless pit"

What is old English in literary terms?

Anglo-Saxon literature, the literary writings in Old English.

Old communication devices?

Some of the old communcation devices are:PigeonsBoatsSmoke signalsMors code

What are the poetic devices used in 'You are old father William' by Lewis Carroll?

As far as I know, there is repetition and rhyming. Correct me if I am wrong.

What is the different between old storage devices and new storage devices?


Is old an adverb?

Old is normally used as an adjective. For example, the old man swam. Old is describing man so it is an adjective since noun is a man. Adjectives describe nouns, while adverbs describe verbs.

Literery devices used in le loupgarou and what they mean?

The five literary devices in the poem Le Loupgarou are Oxymoron :christian witches.this is to say that there women who were so called christian that gossip about Le Brun changing into a werewolf. Alliteration A Curious Tale that threaded the town Symbolism through greying women sewing under eaves which means that grey represent old. it also have personification and Imagery .

How man time is the word heaven used in the old testament?


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