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It depends on your overall career goals and objectives. Some are listed below, however there are more and I am sure you will be able to find the right match particular to your field.

  • Health Care Management
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Accounting
  • Environmental Management
  • Information Systems
  • International Management
  • internet Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
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Q: What MBA course can you do after bsc in chemistry?
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What are best after bsc?

After bsc you can apply for forensic science,Msc in organic chemistry,Msc in drug chemistry,MBA

How is MBA bioinformatic relevant to bsc student with optional microbiology botany Chemistry?

An MBA in bioinformatics can be valuable for a BSc student with a background in microbiology, botany, and chemistry by providing business skills and knowledge that can be applied in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. It can help bridge the gap between science and business, enabling you to advance your career in biotech or healthcare companies, where knowledge of both biology and business practices is crucial.

Which MBA course gives you highest salary as you are doing your final year in BSc which course should you go for?

MBA finance is best

Why did you choose MBA hr after doing bSc computers?

Specialization selection of MBA is totally solely is the decision of the individual who is enrolling in. If the student have interest in HR and have done BSC computers and want to apply in HR MBA then he should go for it. Only and only the course should be selected when he/she have strong interest in the course.

Can you do MBA after bsc chemistery?

Yes, (provided you passed your BSc).

Can you pursue MBA in finance after graduating from Bsc in psychology as your degree?

can i pursue MBA in finance after graduating from Bsc in psychology as my degree

Is MSc in Organic Chemistry equivalent to BSc Chemistry?

Stupid question, how can MSc be equivalent to BSc.

Bca is good option or bsc or bba for MBA?

It depends upon your interest. If you have target of MBA then I would suggest opt for BCA or BSC not BBA. As if you go for BCA and BSC then it would be more knowledge and diversified field for you. In future it may help you for job or biz for more field. I would suggest as per my view go for BSc and then MBA.

Is bsc chemistry students eligible for bio chemistry courses?


What college courses do you need to go to for biology or chemistry degrees?

For Biology BSc (biology) and for Chemistry BSc. (Chemistry) after this you can do Master and doctorate degrees. This is applicable in India.

What kind of degrees does LUMS offer?

The Lahore University of Management Sciences offers the following degree programs: biology (BS, MS, PhD), chemistry (BS, MS, PhD), computer science (BS, MS, PhD), electrical engineering (BS, MS, PhD), mathematics (BS, MS, PhD), physics (BS, MS, PhD), economics (BSc, MSc), economics and politics (BSc), political science (BSc), anthropology and sociology (BSc), accounting and finance (BSc), management science (BSc, PhD), humanities (BA), history (BA), BA-LL.B, MBA, Executive MBA.

What is should do after BSc by biology and chemistry?

Get your MSc?