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What MP3 player can hold 30000 songs?

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if you have the right memory, yes..!

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What is the largest number of songs an mp3 media player can hold?

The number of songs an mp3 media player can hold is based on the total amount of storage in gigabytes. A 16 gigabyte mp3 player can hold thousands of songs.

How many songs can a 32 GB MP3 player hold?

A 32 GB MP3 player can hold about 3500 songs. 3500 songs is based on the songs averaging 3 and a half minute songs.

How many songs will a 4 gb mp3 player hold?

round about 2500 mp3 encoded songs

How many songs can a 1gb mp3 player hold?

approx 220 songs

How many songs in a 250GB mp3 player can hold?

15000-20000 songs

How many songs does an 512MB mp3 player hold?

well mb stands for music bundle so that means it will hold 512 mp3 songs

Does a 4gb mp3 player hold a million songs?

No, a 4gb mp3 player will not hold anywhere near a million songs. If you are lucky, you may be able to fit 1,000 songs onto such a device. This will depend on the size and quality of the songs.

How many songs does a 256Mb MP3 player hold?

40 2 minute songs

How many songs can a 4 gig mp3 player hold?

a 4gb mp3 player can hold about 13oo songs but it matters how long each song is or if you have other downloaded things on there like if you have a movie you will get less room for songs .

How many songs can be downloaded onto an MP3 player?

It depends on the hard drive (or memory capacity) size of the MP3 player. Of course, songs of different lengths are different sizes, but the average song is about 30 MB. So if your MP3 player can store 1 GB (1000 MB), it can probably hold about 333 songs. This depends on the quality of your MP3 songs. Basically, the higher the quality of your songs, the bigger the files, and hence the less number of songs you can hold in your player. For 128M player, it can hold about 32 songs (128k bit rate). For 256M player, it can hold about 64 songs (128k bit rate). For 512M player, it can hold about 128 songs (128k bit rate). For 1G player, it can hold about 256 songs (128k bit rate).

Does 4GB ipod hold more songs than 4gb MP3 player?

doe the sylvania hold more songs

How many songs does a CRAIG 512MB mp3 player hold?

250 normal size songs

How much music will a 2gb mp3 player hold?

Around 500 songs.

How many songs can a 4 GB mp3 player hold?


How many songs can a 4 GB GPX hold?

An MP3 player with 4 gigabytes of space will hold on average 1000 songs. The amount of songs that a 4 gigabyte MP3 player will hold depends on the size or length of each song; the average being close to three minutes.

How many songs can you download onto a Creative Zen mp3 player?

On a Creative Zen mp3 player it all depends on what model you pick for gigabytes (GB). For a 8GB model the Creative Zen can hold approximately 2,000 songs. For a 16GB model it can hold 4,000 songs. For a 32GB model the Creative Zen mp3 can hold up to 8,000.

Why does the drive for your sharper image mp3 player say it has the songs on there but when you unplug it and look for them on your mp3 player they arent there?

The songs are on the drive, not the MP3 player. If you unplug the drive the MP3 player won't see the songs.

At 32kbs how many songs will an 8gb mp3 player hold?

2,000 songs and up to 8 hours of video!!!

What is the song capacity of the Creative Labs Zen MP3 player?

The 8GB Creative Labs Zen MP3 Player can hold up to 8,000 songs.

How do you get songs from the computer to a mp3 player?

In order to get songs from the computer to a mp3 player, you simply need to hook up the mp3 player to the computer with the chord that came with the mp3 player. After that, you select the songs that you want to transfer, and then eject the player.

How many songs do mp3 players hold?

It all depends on how much memory your MP3 Player has. If it is 2GB it may run around 1000 songs; a rough example.

How much songs does a sandisk 2gb mp3 hold?

it can hold 500 songs on it.

How much information can an 8 gb mp3 player hold in comparison to a 4 gb?

It depends on how large your songs are, measured in megabytes. If 4gb mp3 player stores 800 songs of size 5mb each then 8gb mp3 player stores 1600 songs of size 5mb each. Its totaly depends on size of songs.

What will 32mb hold?

it will hold about 10 mp3 songs

How many songs does a 1.89gb shuffle hold?

I think either 100 or 150 because i have an mp3 player with 1.89 gb and it holed about 150 songs. Some mp3 players/ipods hold less or more.