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they were used to spark protest against America's involvement in the Vietnam War

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Most of the war illustrations in the media during the Vietnam war were mainly drawn to what?

Death and destruction.

What was most or the war illustrations in the media during the Vietnam war were mainly drawn to?

Gunfire, explosions, and casualties.

Most of the war illustrations in media during the Vietnam war were mainly drawn to?

This is a purely subjective observation: most of the Vietnam War era media illustrations I've seen appear to depict the futility of that conflict, in one way or another.

Most of the war illustrations in the media during the Vietnam War were mainly drawn to?

To spark protest against America's involvement in the Vietnam warThe same effects that attract movie goers attracted the newsmedia.

Why was Most of the illustrations in the media during the Vietnam war drawn for?

The media in Vietnam was drawn to photography depicting action. Ask any video game player today...action sells!

Most of the war illustrations in the media during the vienam war were mainly drawn to?

What readers like to see...action (blood and gore).

Most of the war illustrations in the media duringthe Vietnamwar were mainly drawn to?

The new "Helicopter" war.

What is a sentence using the word illustrations?

The illustrations in the book are both well-drawn and humorous. The engineer brought his illustrations of the revised rocket designs.

Were the first illustrations made on a printing press called illuminations?

No that is the name given to hand drawn illustrations before the printing press. The illustrations of medieval codices were known as illuminations, and were individually hand drawn and painted. With the invention of the printing press during the 15th century, books became more widely distributed, often illustrated with woodcuts. - Wikipedia

Laos and cambodia were drawn into the vietnam war?

Laos and Cambodia were both drawn into the Vietnam War because of atrocities the people of these two countries suffered under the hands of North Vietnam. South Vietnam and other countries were trying to keep the North Vietnamese army from spreading Communism in these countries.

What are the transportation in the past?

Mainly horse drawn carriages then to diesel trucks.

Who did the illustrations in Wind in the Willows?

Kenneth Grahame's classic children's book The Wind in the Willows has had many illustrators for its various publications. The most well-known illustrations for the book are those drawn by E. H. Shepard for the 1933 edition.

What did America do to avoid being drawn into the Vietnam war?

Tried to get the South Vietnamese to defend themselves.

The US was drawn into world war 1 mainly because of?

unrestricted submarine warfare

What were the total casualties in vietnam war?

During the conflict, approximately 3.2 million Vietnamese were killed, in addition to another 1.5 million to 2 million Lao and Cambodians who were drawn into the war. Nearly 58,000 Americans lost their lives.

Why are you drawn outside during a thunderstorm?

cause of the adrenaline man

How has Al gore impacted America?

Al Gore has mainly drawn attention to Global Warming and enviormental issues

Who wrote the novel 'Fire on the Mountain'?

Fire on the Mountain is a picture book that was written by Jane Kurtz and the illustrations were drawn by E.B. Lewis. The book is currently available at Amazon's website.

What was the transportation during french revolution?

Wooden Carriages that were drawn on foot for the poor, and for the rich there were metal carriages drawn by 2 horses.

What does DNZ mean?

Drop in zone. Inasmuch as your question is in the War and Military History section, specifically Vietnam, I am assuming you mean D "M" Z, not D "N" Z. DMZ means Demilitarized Zone and in the case of Vietnam, it refers to the line drawn at the Geneva Convention in 1954 that divided North Vietnam from South Vietnam.

How do you create comics on a PC?

It depends on how good of quality you want. Many were always hand drawn. Try adobe fireworks or photoshop. For simple illustrations Microsoft paint can work provided you have the skill.

What was the role of soldiers in Athens?

The soldiers were a militia, called out for service when required. They were drawn from the citizens who were normally mainly farmers and tradesmen.

What did the horse drawn that gave the hittile an advantage during battle?


What did they use before a printing press?

Before the invention of the printing press, books or other publications were had written by scribes. Illustrations could be done by means of carved wooden blocks, if they were not also hand drawn.

Why was the border dividing Poland closed during the holocaust?

different borders were drawn.

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