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Yes, there were horse drawn dairy wagons during WWII. We lived at 116th and Prairie Avenues on the far south side of Chicago and one came down Prairie Ave. I don't remember which dairy it was from but I remember stepping around "horse patties" when crossing the street. Yes. I lived at 86th & Sangamon. There were horse-drawn milk wagons even after the war, from Wanzer's Dairy. There were also horse-drawn junk wagons (rags, ol' iron), and ice wagons until the early 50's. I saw horse-drawn junk wagons on State Street as late as 1960. There were also horse-drawn newspaper delivery wagons during WWII. My father-in-law not only had one when he was working for the Chicago Times, but he also drove a battery-powered electric delivery truck as well. Yes I remember horse drawn garbage trucks in the late forties. They were housed at a stable located at 54th and Wood Street. I remember seeing one of the horses fall and had to be shot. Also several milk daries had horse drawn wagons, one was located in the middle of the block on 52nd and Wolcott

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Q: Were there horse drawn dairy wagons in Chicago during World War 2?
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